Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the end is soooooo close

This is my favorite pencil skirt not only because it was practically free ($2) but it's also so comfortable, and for me the need for comfort always overrides the need to look hot. However, I often try to have a bit of both.
My exams are nearing the end and I sure am glad. Although I am dreading the holidays and the stress of gift giving but I am looking forward to lots of snowman-making and cul de sac sledding. When you are someone like me who live in the burbs, with no car and have no money to go away to anywhere exotic, those are about the only winter activities you can do without venturing afar and emptying the already barren bank account.
In another extremely awesome news, Canada has recently adopted the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. Being an animal activist/lover, this means a great deal to me because it symbolizes the unraveling of a brighter future for all animals. Also, this makes me extremely proud to be Canadian because I believe we are the only country that has adopted this notion.


Anonymous said...

great skirt

Mimi said...

you look hot. :D

as in, "you're warm and comfy" and also "you're sexaay".

the cropped stripy shirt is adorable. i wish i dressed as adorable as you. /pouts. (:

Danielage said...

Have I ever seen you wear this outfit? I love it, wear it more... please.

Isabel said...

Haha, I love your pose - you look so confused and adorable.

I guess Canada's position on animal rights really supercedes its position on climate change. Seriously, sometimes I'm actually ashamed to be from Canada.