Monday, July 26, 2010

Ramblin' Man

First and foremost, I just want to give a shout out to Carlla Riana from .blossom boo. for giving me an award for the Hottest Female Blogger. Thank you so much Carlla for your love.
I tried writing a song today and as usual, I hated it. Besides learning how to tune my guitar to an open E key, I really didn't do much today. Gaaahhhh!!! I'm in such a weird head-space right now and I don't even do drugs.
My affliction is mainly the fact that my fierce job application attempts have not been responded with much anything...seriously, I haven't heard a word from any of the places I've sent resumes to. What is going on? Isn't it ironic the quality of my current life seems to be completely dictated by whether or not I find a job while it wasn't even two months ago that I ranted just how much that sucks? I think I may have cursed my own career fate.
On a lighter note, my blog apparently is good enough to be reviewed. It seems just like yesterday when I didn't even know what a blog is and now I'm not only going to receive a review on Be In Style I'm also invited to be a guest blogger. I guess I am doing something right, at least with this.
I'm heading to St.Louis Missouri for a friend's wedding at the end of the week so I'll be gone until next Monday. When I get back, there's going to be lots of pictures including one of the dress I've made for the wedding, so stay tuned.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bright Young Things

I am obsessed with rompers! It really makes no sense they're horrendously impractical, a total nightmare when it comes to going to the bathroom and can sometimes make you end up looking like either a giant infant or a electrician. But despite all that, I can't get enough of them. I've not only been wearing a ton of them everywhere I go, I've even made myself a couple out of old dresses and skirts (although not all the alterations had been successful).
Like this piece for example, if it seems familiar to you it's because I've worn it before except it was a t-shirt dress.
On a completely separate topic I have been going insane trying to find work. Having been out of school for over a month I'm starting to feel pretty anxious just idling around. Even though I've been keeping myself busy sewing and gardening I'm super worried about not being able to find something in time to pay off my student loan. And it is because of this I've been super duper stressed and haven't been able to enjoy my summer. I really hope this will change soon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you see? Do you see!!??

This past weekend Daniel and I took a day trip down to Seattle for two purposes: 1) to have dinner at the most amazing Italian restaurant ever called Bizarro and 2) to visit the Experience Music Museum. In general the exhibits were pretty cool but wasn't exceptionally great. I was, however, extremely trilled and impressed by the grunge and punk section.

Pillar of guitars. What a waste of perfectly playable instruments.

Ah, the elusive grunge aesthetic; ironically fashionable, kind of like the modern day hipster trend. Except that the latter thrives on being ironically and poorly dressed and that the former just really didn't give a shit about clothes. At least they say.

An epic shot of Mudhoney --- one of the leading pioneers of grunge

The Nirvana display... "fucking amazing" is all I have to say

Those are Kurt Cobain's guitar and Kris Novoselic's bass. It's hard to tell in this picture but both instruments are totally trashed from they playing like maniac's back in the day.

"We want revolution, GIRL STYLE NOW!!!!"
My second favorite part of the museum is all the displays of The Supremes stage costumes they wore back in the days. Just look at these dresses, they're ridiculously fabulous!

Sorry about the slide show post but I've just been so exhausted looking for a job I'm a little uninspired to write. But don't worry, once this is over I'll again be sharing my thoughts with you all.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm A Damn Good Tailor But I Can't Mend Your Split Personality

It's difficult to blog frequently (or persist with anything on a regular basis for that matter) when you're preoccupied with something much more fun. Since I've been back from my trip, I brought with me a D.I.Y. fashion lover's godsend --- a sewing machine. So for the past weekend, while everyone was out and celebrating the heat wave in Vancouver, I've been partying with my 1970's sea-foam blue Imperial sewing machine.

Since my sewing skill isn't "dress-maker" level, I've just been practicing doing small very primitive alterations like sewing an elastic band casing and attaching that casing to a shirt to make it more cinched and dress-like. While that was fun and all but by the end of the weekend I really wanted to do something bigger so I searched for some D.I.Y sewing sites for inspirations and project ideas and found this. I was a little hesitant at first, but when I remembered that I had just the shirt to play around with, I figured I had nothing to lose thus I embarked on this daunting task and ended up with this:

Not bad for a newbie sewer eh?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Neither Hogs Nor Dogs

The Okanagans was positively beautiful but after being away from the coast for five days, I sure am glad to be home.
The trip was very pleasant, filled with good food and comforting company so I'm glad I was there. While I enjoyed my entire stay in Summerland, the highlight of the week for me was actually the trip back, when we stopped at Manning Park and I got to feed the prairie dogs! Don't be mislead by their name, these little creatures are not at all dogs. They're like squirrels except they live in underground burrows. We pulled into the park briefly for a bathroom break and there they were, running amongst people not at all frightened. Of course, me being the overzealous animal lover was overwhelmingly ecstatic at the sight of these cute little rodents and I couldn't wait to get closer to them. One of the girls there, who I assume was also enamored with the delightful animals was kind enough to give me the rest of her rodent-feed. And as I reached my hand out, five of them came towards me and nabbed the bits of bread straight out of my hand and started nibbling away right in front of me. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before (except for that time tried to feed a duck and got too scared as soon as it started to peck at my palm) because at that point, I felt "removed from my human ego". I was not part of a species capable of killing, destroying and polluting, instead, I was just another earth dweller. This may sound silly, but the fact that they had so much trust in humans made me feel so at one with nature! I mean, one can immerse herself in nature by doing woodsy activities like camping and hiking, but when you're up close and personal with a timid, wild creature like that eating out of your hand, it's like the distinction between "man and animal" no longer mattered.

I pretty much didn't care about coordinating my outfits on the trip so I didn't bother taking any pictures of them. But this is something I wore and was quite fond of last week, before the trip. The see-through blouse totally makes it!.

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.....