Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bright Young Things

I am obsessed with rompers! It really makes no sense they're horrendously impractical, a total nightmare when it comes to going to the bathroom and can sometimes make you end up looking like either a giant infant or a electrician. But despite all that, I can't get enough of them. I've not only been wearing a ton of them everywhere I go, I've even made myself a couple out of old dresses and skirts (although not all the alterations had been successful).
Like this piece for example, if it seems familiar to you it's because I've worn it before except it was a t-shirt dress.
On a completely separate topic I have been going insane trying to find work. Having been out of school for over a month I'm starting to feel pretty anxious just idling around. Even though I've been keeping myself busy sewing and gardening I'm super worried about not being able to find something in time to pay off my student loan. And it is because of this I've been super duper stressed and haven't been able to enjoy my summer. I really hope this will change soon.


Isabel said...

TIE DYE ROMPER!!!! I believe it was necessary to state the obvious in caps lock. Also, you are wearing a sweater? Damn girl, its hot in Ontario!

Belle xx said...

i love playsuits too!
i dont know what it is about them but i love them too
yours are fabulous
oh what id do for that tie dye one
oh and i completely understand the student loan issues, sighh

Mon Cheri said...

I adore that first play-suit
you wear it so well!!

thanks for your lovely comment sweetie, I am glad you liked my photos :)



hey, don't go stressed out just yet. keep finding. it might take time, but we're sure there'll be something good along the way. keep your spirits high.

ps. your rompers totally created a great impression.



♥ M i m i said...

rompers/jumpsuits ftw.

looking like an infant or an electrician... well i can live with it. haha.

yeah the going-to-the-washroom part is a bit difficult but not too bad.

i like your DIY romper! two awesome things combined into one! tiedye & rompers = ... dyepers. LOOOOL haha yeah ... =_____=

don't worry xu! i will not become stifled and anxious any time soon. hopefully. i'm trying to live my life and better myself. but thank you so much for the concern haha