Monday, August 17, 2009

the cow goes " sha-zoooooooo!"

I am a fan of animals. Because of that, I am therefore particularly fond of clothes with animals on them, especially if they look like they're about to jump out of your sweater, like this:

Some say her sewn-on eyes are vacant and others say she looks creepy and stalker-ish, I personally think she's just very curious and "udderly" adorable.

A cow just wouldn't be a happy cow if she couldn't move her tail. Even if she is just a part of a sweater, 3D tails are always better than 2D.

I am off to China tomorrow and will be gone for three weeks so I will try my hardest to update my blog as often as I can. If not, I will see you all when I get back!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guy's Eyes

Yay for exam being over and scoring an A- for the class!!!
The wedding yesterday was spectacular! The bride and groom were the happiest and even though it was a little chilly for an August day, people had no problem staying warm and excited while dancing. Thank you Tila and Nels, I wish you two a life-time of happiness!

As promised, I have uploaded pictures of my ensemble for your viewing and you should all be happy to know that I purchased every single piece from second-hand stores. I apologize for the lack of light I had when I took those picture, but I couldn't take any picture of my dress before the wedding for I was really pressed for time, some of them were taken at night, after I got home.

I was going for the traditional 20's ceremonial hair-do but was way too lazy and "two-handed" to do finger waves so I had to do pin curls instead and modify the shapes in front to imitate the effects of finger waves.

I wore my favorite white cardigan over my dress the whole wedding because it was freezing cold!

The dress revealed! As you can tell, it's not the most obvious 20's dress because it doesn't have the defining drop-waist. However the Athenian tunic/boxyness look was popularized in the late 20's and with the pleats and the drapings allowing for more movement and creating an appearance of freedom, this dress is very characteristic of what women wore in the 1920's.

These shoes were so comfortable I want to wear them everyday. I have freakishly small feet (sz.5) so found them in the children's section. They look like flower-girl shoes.

Here's the not-so-20's purse I put together with my look. I tried to find an embroidery, clam-shell shaped purse at second hand stores but failed to do so, so I substituted for one I already had. I guess It looked 20's enough with the rest of the outfit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Stir Crazy

I've been cooped inside my room for 8 consecutive days now and I'm going just little bit insane. Why would I subject myself to solitary confinement you ask? Well, that is because I've been busting ass studying for an impossibly difficult final exam which will commence tomorrow at 8:30 A.M. This exam is pretty much going to either make or break me for graduate school, so don't blame me for opting out my mental well-being for future academic endeavors. I'm sure all of you bookworm, nerds and over achievers out there can completely understand that.

This is not new at all, but here's what I wore last Wednesday.

I got this plaid shirt from a Value Village in Seattle in May.
A cardigan and a scarf always makes the outfit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"I found a pink cigartte, on the bed the day that you left."

So I'm heading to China in a couple of weeks which I'm super excited about. Besides the decade long family politics I'm going to have to rationally involved myself in, I think I'm going to have a grand time going back to my roots and seeing my family. What I'm most excited about the trip is revisiting the places of significance to me --- my old school, where I used to live, where I used to hang out as a kid. Other than that, I'm also looking forward to discovering vintage stores and going shopping. Perhaps I can even sift through some of my relatives' closets for goodies and

The fantastically complicated necklace...well, it's not really complicated as much as it get tangled up really easily. Looks great though, so what do I care?

I just love the color of this belt of which I found at my favorite Salvation Army thrift store.

The finished outfit, featuring the belt and the necklace

In another news, I am attending a wedding on the 15th of August and have been putting together quite the outfit for the special occasion. Since I've been absolutely obsessed with looks of the 1920's, I've started gathering pieces from that decade since May. Stay curious, because I'm going to be posting some pictures real soon!