Friday, August 7, 2009

"I found a pink cigartte, on the bed the day that you left."

So I'm heading to China in a couple of weeks which I'm super excited about. Besides the decade long family politics I'm going to have to rationally involved myself in, I think I'm going to have a grand time going back to my roots and seeing my family. What I'm most excited about the trip is revisiting the places of significance to me --- my old school, where I used to live, where I used to hang out as a kid. Other than that, I'm also looking forward to discovering vintage stores and going shopping. Perhaps I can even sift through some of my relatives' closets for goodies and

The fantastically complicated necklace...well, it's not really complicated as much as it get tangled up really easily. Looks great though, so what do I care?

I just love the color of this belt of which I found at my favorite Salvation Army thrift store.

The finished outfit, featuring the belt and the necklace

In another news, I am attending a wedding on the 15th of August and have been putting together quite the outfit for the special occasion. Since I've been absolutely obsessed with looks of the 1920's, I've started gathering pieces from that decade since May. Stay curious, because I'm going to be posting some pictures real soon!


Isabel said...

Okay, the 1920s are probably my favourite fashion decade besides the grunge-y 90s. I wish I was a flapper! So I can't wait to see your wedding outfit. :)

Ming said...

Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog
For the shredded tee I just took a plain cotton t-shirt (size small) and I cut off the hem and took a seam ripper and kept pulling at the threads until it made a straight line all the way across the front half of the t-shirt. Then I just kept pulling at the horizontal strings until it came up to the collar

S. Mimi C. said...

I love the colour as well (: