Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rather Ripped

I'm terribly saddened because I can't for the life of my find my sewing machine foot pedal cord. This means that my plan of making millions by selling home-made dresses on Etsy will have to be postponed until I can find a circuit breaking apparatus that allows me to sew at my own pace. 

Two summers ago I became obsessed with sewing. It's one of those additions that offers only hits of ecstasy when you eventually realize that you can save a ton of money by fashioning say a pillow case into a pair of shorts. I guess the sense of accomplishment after you've done that serves to be quite rewarding too. Seriously, just try and create something one of these days; anything. The experience is truly wonderful. 

When I open my Etsy shop stocked with boxy, recycled garments made out of textiles found around the house I will be displaying the pieces via my blog. Please keep a keen eye out for that perfect shower curtain dress in the near future. 

Sonic Youth fucking rocks btw. Did I mention that already in the past?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rain Dogs

Tom Waits is truly an artist. Who can make dry hacking and grunts of desperation sound as good as he? 

Because he is so awesome, people immortalize his essence in many forms. I think Waits will love this.  I personally think it's the best thing in the world other than Tom Waits himself.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

animals are wonderful

The disillusionment of coming to terms with the true nature of relationships can be one's greatest lament. 

Great minds have tried for centuries to define relationships and what they psychologically represent for the development of the self. Melanie Klein proposed the object relations theory and outlined human infancy in terms of how the ego unravels as it draws associations with the outside world and everything it encounters; hence object relations. 

It is not until when things got a little bit more complicated and more complicated things such as emotions and cognitions started to play a part in how people position themselves. The truth is, no one can truly fathom what their relationships mean because over time relationships fade and strengthen due to a myriad of variables. Each object is subjected to the manipulation of multiple variables thus to account for and understand every object and how they can potentially influence you over time is impossible. 
What is truer and triter than anything is the fact that we are a product of biology and evolution (depending on your beliefs) and that in itself exists in a vacuum. Very little argument can be made about the animalism in every human. In the end, we can only hope to measure ourselves, albeit incompletely, based on instincts. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I work with kids. Kids sometimes ask questions that catch you off guard. This is what one of the kids at my work asked me today about my outfit. I gotta say, the conversation really had me thinking about what fashion means to me.

L: "Hey Xu, why is your shirt tucked into your pants?"
X: "Ummm...why is your shirt not tucked into your pants?"
L: " (Laughs) Seriously,  I'm just curious about your style."
X: "Well, it's the vintage look...styles that were popular in the past."
L: "Oh. But why do you want to dress like people in the past?"
X: "I guess it's kind of like commemorating them. Do you know who Coco Channel is?"
L: "I've heard of that name."
X: "She was a fashion designer that kind of revolutionized the way women dress. She sort of popularized pants and suits for women because that's what she liked to wear herself."
L: "So you want to be like Coco Chanel?"
X: "In a way, yeah. I want to be inspired and she inspires me to dress how I want to."
L: "I think I understand now."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bungle Love

How come I never talk about what I wear. I do, sometimes. The thing is I find it really weird to talk about clothes. Most of the time I really don't know what to say about what I'm wearing beyond the redundancy of describing them in words when the photos do a much better job.
As per usual, I'm going to blog about something else completely separate from fashion and style. I'm going to talk about music and how much I appreciate the fact that I'm somewhat musical. 

Lunch today was curry and Bob Dylan as the background "noise". The thing about folk music is that they are very loud, both in the sheer volume of the instrumentations as well as their content. It was hard to digest curry with Bob's quick-fingers and harmonica bursts interrupting each bite but I didn't care because the music inspires me.  Another thing about music is that it has to inspire me to want to be creative in order for me to fully understand it. I love all types of music but some form more than others because of that ability alone. When the inspiration comes, it comes in waves. You get that lump in your throat (the very same kind you get when you get the uncontrollable urge to scream something very important and/or spiteful) and you just start...writing.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'm sore all over from working out like a mad-woman! 

It's a good feeling because it makes me aware of my body.

The best part about having painful limbs and joints is that it gives you a chance to contemplate about all the micro tears in your muscles and how they are slowly being repaired on a molecular level. This metabolic process is like hitting the "refresh" button on your internet browser. Cellular renewal!

The green in my hair has almost completely faded out. I think I'm going pink after all the colours disappear.