Saturday, May 12, 2012


I work with kids. Kids sometimes ask questions that catch you off guard. This is what one of the kids at my work asked me today about my outfit. I gotta say, the conversation really had me thinking about what fashion means to me.

L: "Hey Xu, why is your shirt tucked into your pants?"
X: "Ummm...why is your shirt not tucked into your pants?"
L: " (Laughs) Seriously,  I'm just curious about your style."
X: "Well, it's the vintage look...styles that were popular in the past."
L: "Oh. But why do you want to dress like people in the past?"
X: "I guess it's kind of like commemorating them. Do you know who Coco Channel is?"
L: "I've heard of that name."
X: "She was a fashion designer that kind of revolutionized the way women dress. She sort of popularized pants and suits for women because that's what she liked to wear herself."
L: "So you want to be like Coco Chanel?"
X: "In a way, yeah. I want to be inspired and she inspires me to dress how I want to."
L: "I think I understand now."

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Isabel said...

WHat an awesome sounding kid!! Its so true that you can learn just as much from kids as they can learn from you! Love the g-pa pants as well.