Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's Up, Doc?

You know me. I don't really write about fashion in the format of sentences and words unless it's something that really gets me excited. Today, I'm going to take a moment and appreciate the sheer awesomeness that is of Doc Marten shoes.

It's no secrete that I'm stupid crazy in love with Doc Martens seeing how they're featured in over 75% of my outfits. I've been a proud owner of my Docs for over four years and have found ways to make them look great with anything and everything. I wear them pretty much all seasons long and have even rocked them at formal affairs.

This is not a sales pitch for Doc Martens but rather an example of high quality fashion and timeless aesthetic. By owning a pair of shoes that is functional, stylish, durable and versatile, it creates so much potential for creativity, development for personal style and less waste and consumerism. Which, in a way, embodies a lot of how I see fashion and what it means to be a conscientious fashion enthusiast.

If you haven't gotten yourself a pair of these puppies, I think you really should get on it!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Troubled Girl

I've been wanting to write dissonant sounding riffs on the guitar and I was able to do that yesterday during band practice. However, it has proven to be extremely difficult to come up with vocal melodies without sounding sour.

Speaking of which. The little band I play in, Scrambled Debutante, has been making some headways in the promotion department. Without even really trying ourselves, we have somehow garnered more recognition over the past two weeks than we've ever imagined we could in such a short span. Some person in Italy made a Youtube video of Self-Loathing Love Song and I wasn't even aware of the fact that our music had crossed national boarders.

Another interesting titbit: I am officially a woman of the 21 century in terms of consumer technology. I've opted out my shitty Samsung slide phone and got myself an iPhone5. Having this thing is like owning a magic wand. I can literally get almost anything the internet offers with a few clicks. Just like owning a magic wand, I can do all of this with just one hand and the power is definitely slowly luring me to the dark side. I've already signed on with Instagram and started sharing pointless pictures on every single social media sites I've connected myself to via my phone, and so far it's just been such a novel and thrilling experience.

There's always an excuse for not doing things but countering that I've now found a reason or a better way to finally set up my Etsy shop. Remember those fruit necklaces I've been promising everyone? Yes, I've got my Etsy app ready and it's almost business time. Of course, I'll have to get going on that...tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2012

No Fur, Faux Fur

I rearranged my living room so my background is different. I am now posing in front of where all my music stuff is.

Did I mention I have a band? We are Scrambled Debutante. You can download our newest EP for free or by donation. 

Short post, lots of pictures. Enjoy them.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn

I watched the last Twilight movie in theatres today. It was not by choice but out of altruism. The movie didn't make much sense to me because I've never seen the previous ones nor am I familiar with the story. It was, however, exactly what I had expected from a sensationalized vampire love story.

Right down to the supposed "witty" and "funny" lines in the movie, Breaking Dawn caters to the demographic of today's tween wavers by being both accessibly relatable (cheesy jokes and shallow banters) yet fantastically idealistic (half human, half vampire fetus). It is the pinnacle of mediocracy. The epitome of all badly written and directed but well produced story of "love-lasts-forever". All glossed over and fast-food like, Breaking Dawn trivializes just about everything young people need to learn about living a productive life.

The Twilight series is like Disney movies for an older audience. Except everything is replaced with extremely attractive people with nothing better to do but to fall selfishly in love at the risk of bringing absolute horror and destruction upon themselves and those around them. The extremely simplified theme of "love conquers all" is so blatant that the story itself doesn't actually add any rich context to make it in any way movie or worth watching/reading (there are Twilight novels, apparently). Furthermore, I did not find any of the characters captivating. Perhaps it was because they were all terrible actors but I could not for the life of me understand the love between Bella and Edward. Also, after five movies it seemed that Bella is still the same fucking person in the sense that after all the shit has happened and everything she's gone through, she has not developed as a character at all. She is, in the end a stock character in the story. This is ironic because she completely died as a human and came back as a vampire in Breaking Dawn.

If this is the kind of shit young people are into these days then I am seriously worried. And here I am worried that Disney was going to the demise of the future generation.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fly Like an Eagle

Tonight was probably one of the best Tuesday nights I've had in a long time. My band,  Scrambled Debutante officially released our first three song EP and had a premiere/interview with Y57 Media where the they broadcasted, for the first time, our finished tracks!

Oh hey, we also had an in-studio acoustic performance/interview at CJSF last night, previewing our premier tonight!

Holy fuck balls. This is excited shit! That's why I'm wearing my eagle sweater today because I think eagles must feel awesome all the time and I feel awesome today, like a fucking eagle!

We have all of our songs on bandcamp available for download for free or by donation. Go listen now!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sick, Obsessed, Girl Crushes

I celebrated turning 26 last night and the backlash of that is this horrible sore throat I'm having to deal with. Every time I swallow, I imagine razorblades, slowly being pushed down by peristalsis; mangling every oral structure on the way down.

 So yes, being sick sucks but what's sick about sick is that I get to stay in a Saturday and look at photos of girls in bands I like. I'm starting with the Dum Dum Girls.

I saw these babes two years ago opening for Beach House (another great band with a babe in it.) and Vampire Weekend (I left right after Beach House because I didn't give a shit about Vampire Weekend) and I immediately developed a crush on them. How could you not? They're so good at what they do and they look fucking amazing!!! 

I really want to focus my attention on some local talent here, The Courtneys. These folks live and play shows all over Vancouver and technically, if you think about it, Scrambled Debutante (the band I'm in) is kind of their contemporary. Fuck, I get shivers just thinking about that. The very notion that I may someday get to play a show with them just blows my fucking mind. 

They seem hilarious too. If you just click on the link I provided which leads you to their bandcamp you can see that they are absolutely cuckoo for Keanu Reeves. That's the kind of shtick I dig because Keanu is awesome.

I've been listening to Mika Miko way before any of the previous two bands and I've never really thought anything of them until I started playing music again. Just from a musical point of view, some of the riffs are the best I've ever heard. Which completely fucks with any gender related expectations regarding girl guitar players. 

This has been a productive sick day. I hope I get better soon. Good news, Scrambled Debutante is going on air for Y57 Youth Media on Tuesday and CJSF on Monday. Stay tuned for the recordings of those.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dress like Grimace

It's not winter yet and I'm already sick. Pretty sure I ran an all-day low grade fever yesterday and yet I still went for a run for an hour, did some heavy lifting and had children scream in my face while defencelessly threw my arms around my head, trying to muff out as much of everything as I can.

Today, I'm taking a day off.

To make up for me feeling shitty, I think of these boots. No, you don't have x-ray vision. They are in fact see-through.

These are the Vancouver hipster version of Cinderella's glass slippers. Except they will never fall off my feet because they are rain boots. Come to think of it, if Cinderella wore these she would've never had her prince coming to rescue her from her shitty home. She would've had to think of a way to break out of that room, somehow elude her evil step mother and sisters, start a new life and become a feminist then later join an all-girl hardcore punk band.

Jeremy was looking super lumber-jackish and I found it stylishly hilarious so I asked him to pose for my blog.

I must say, he's a natural at modelling.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweater Time Again

When it's cold enough to showcase my sweaters on blogger, there really is no need to be loquacious. Plus, I've also been at a loss for words lately so I'll just let my photos do the talking.

I'm whipping out all the knitwear for winter and I'm getting quite stoked about that prospect.  Just think about how much easier it would be to get ready every morning when you know exactly how frumpily stylish you want to be, swimming in a different sweater, everyday.

Sometimes a toque does the trick when you're aiming for the "cozy and lazy thus ironically hip" look. This is how this outfit came to be.
Oh dear readers. I really wish I could share some profound writings with you all, but like I said,  my opinions are not so readily springing into life and translating well into cohesion that can be published on "web paper". However, I'm still full of angst, and what I think are sensible and well-thought out analyses surrounding some of the most titillating problems of my modern day life, so I guess that's good. Perhaps I've been video gaming too much...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coming of Age

The black hair is back.

I'm turning 26 next week and felt a little silly looking into the mirror with all the pinks, purples, greens and blues in my hair. I remedied that with dying it black. Superfluous yet necessary.

Instead of playing with colours in my hair I felt that it was time to experiment with different hues in dressing instead.

Yellow, grey and purple colour blocking is a lot more fun than dry and damaged haystack on my head.