Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sick, Obsessed, Girl Crushes

I celebrated turning 26 last night and the backlash of that is this horrible sore throat I'm having to deal with. Every time I swallow, I imagine razorblades, slowly being pushed down by peristalsis; mangling every oral structure on the way down.

 So yes, being sick sucks but what's sick about sick is that I get to stay in a Saturday and look at photos of girls in bands I like. I'm starting with the Dum Dum Girls.

I saw these babes two years ago opening for Beach House (another great band with a babe in it.) and Vampire Weekend (I left right after Beach House because I didn't give a shit about Vampire Weekend) and I immediately developed a crush on them. How could you not? They're so good at what they do and they look fucking amazing!!! 

I really want to focus my attention on some local talent here, The Courtneys. These folks live and play shows all over Vancouver and technically, if you think about it, Scrambled Debutante (the band I'm in) is kind of their contemporary. Fuck, I get shivers just thinking about that. The very notion that I may someday get to play a show with them just blows my fucking mind. 

They seem hilarious too. If you just click on the link I provided which leads you to their bandcamp you can see that they are absolutely cuckoo for Keanu Reeves. That's the kind of shtick I dig because Keanu is awesome.

I've been listening to Mika Miko way before any of the previous two bands and I've never really thought anything of them until I started playing music again. Just from a musical point of view, some of the riffs are the best I've ever heard. Which completely fucks with any gender related expectations regarding girl guitar players. 

This has been a productive sick day. I hope I get better soon. Good news, Scrambled Debutante is going on air for Y57 Youth Media on Tuesday and CJSF on Monday. Stay tuned for the recordings of those.

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Danielage said...

Let the record stand that you left before Vampire Weekend played because it was a cold night, you hadn't brought a jacket, and you had an accomodating companion with you.