Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Troubled Girl

I've been wanting to write dissonant sounding riffs on the guitar and I was able to do that yesterday during band practice. However, it has proven to be extremely difficult to come up with vocal melodies without sounding sour.

Speaking of which. The little band I play in, Scrambled Debutante, has been making some headways in the promotion department. Without even really trying ourselves, we have somehow garnered more recognition over the past two weeks than we've ever imagined we could in such a short span. Some person in Italy made a Youtube video of Self-Loathing Love Song and I wasn't even aware of the fact that our music had crossed national boarders.

Another interesting titbit: I am officially a woman of the 21 century in terms of consumer technology. I've opted out my shitty Samsung slide phone and got myself an iPhone5. Having this thing is like owning a magic wand. I can literally get almost anything the internet offers with a few clicks. Just like owning a magic wand, I can do all of this with just one hand and the power is definitely slowly luring me to the dark side. I've already signed on with Instagram and started sharing pointless pictures on every single social media sites I've connected myself to via my phone, and so far it's just been such a novel and thrilling experience.

There's always an excuse for not doing things but countering that I've now found a reason or a better way to finally set up my Etsy shop. Remember those fruit necklaces I've been promising everyone? Yes, I've got my Etsy app ready and it's almost business time. Of course, I'll have to get going on that...tomorrow.


becky nos said...

Listening to your band now, you guys are really good! <3 Nice one.

Bethany said...

Congrats on the band attention!
Ah, I love having a smart phone. Internet all the time, and it doubles as a music player!

Ludo said...

Love your sound! Your voice is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

it's that music blog i commented in your last entry about ;) they do wonders. crossing int'l borders! yay

Ella said...

Gorgeous outfit! Wish I could pull off white tights like yours xx
Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage