Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweater Time Again

When it's cold enough to showcase my sweaters on blogger, there really is no need to be loquacious. Plus, I've also been at a loss for words lately so I'll just let my photos do the talking.

I'm whipping out all the knitwear for winter and I'm getting quite stoked about that prospect.  Just think about how much easier it would be to get ready every morning when you know exactly how frumpily stylish you want to be, swimming in a different sweater, everyday.

Sometimes a toque does the trick when you're aiming for the "cozy and lazy thus ironically hip" look. This is how this outfit came to be.
Oh dear readers. I really wish I could share some profound writings with you all, but like I said,  my opinions are not so readily springing into life and translating well into cohesion that can be published on "web paper". However, I'm still full of angst, and what I think are sensible and well-thought out analyses surrounding some of the most titillating problems of my modern day life, so I guess that's good. Perhaps I've been video gaming too much...

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