Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn

I watched the last Twilight movie in theatres today. It was not by choice but out of altruism. The movie didn't make much sense to me because I've never seen the previous ones nor am I familiar with the story. It was, however, exactly what I had expected from a sensationalized vampire love story.

Right down to the supposed "witty" and "funny" lines in the movie, Breaking Dawn caters to the demographic of today's tween wavers by being both accessibly relatable (cheesy jokes and shallow banters) yet fantastically idealistic (half human, half vampire fetus). It is the pinnacle of mediocracy. The epitome of all badly written and directed but well produced story of "love-lasts-forever". All glossed over and fast-food like, Breaking Dawn trivializes just about everything young people need to learn about living a productive life.

The Twilight series is like Disney movies for an older audience. Except everything is replaced with extremely attractive people with nothing better to do but to fall selfishly in love at the risk of bringing absolute horror and destruction upon themselves and those around them. The extremely simplified theme of "love conquers all" is so blatant that the story itself doesn't actually add any rich context to make it in any way movie or worth watching/reading (there are Twilight novels, apparently). Furthermore, I did not find any of the characters captivating. Perhaps it was because they were all terrible actors but I could not for the life of me understand the love between Bella and Edward. Also, after five movies it seemed that Bella is still the same fucking person in the sense that after all the shit has happened and everything she's gone through, she has not developed as a character at all. She is, in the end a stock character in the story. This is ironic because she completely died as a human and came back as a vampire in Breaking Dawn.

If this is the kind of shit young people are into these days then I am seriously worried. And here I am worried that Disney was going to the demise of the future generation.


Ludo said...

I think you're taking the movie a bit too seriously. It's like porn for girls. You don't watch porn for the character development and plot. Nobody really takes those movies seriously and thinks that's what love looks like. Just enjoy the shirtless werewolves, girl ;D

Bethany said...

Yeah, but women like porn too. If it's "girls" you're talking about, they don't need to be watching anything like that though :p