Friday, November 23, 2012

No Fur, Faux Fur

I rearranged my living room so my background is different. I am now posing in front of where all my music stuff is.

Did I mention I have a band? We are Scrambled Debutante. You can download our newest EP for free or by donation. 

Short post, lots of pictures. Enjoy them.


Bethany said...

Cute necklace! Ugh, I want to be in a band. I'll check out your music for sure!

Anonymous said...

wow super cute outfits!!!! like REALLY REALLY CUTE AND FASHIONY AND GOOD TAste. and very well put together. (in the case you might detect sarcasm...there isn't any! swear)

anyways, xu i have never commented on your blog before, i check it from time to time ever since i (re)discovered it like last month, but wanted to say hi and whoohoo for your band because i just found a music blog i like lots that has your recent ep posted up. great things great things ;)

take care

sulkygrl said...

Absolutely loving you're band! Great sounds coming out of that webpage right now. :)