Tuesday, May 15, 2012

animals are wonderful

The disillusionment of coming to terms with the true nature of relationships can be one's greatest lament. 

Great minds have tried for centuries to define relationships and what they psychologically represent for the development of the self. Melanie Klein proposed the object relations theory and outlined human infancy in terms of how the ego unravels as it draws associations with the outside world and everything it encounters; hence object relations. 

It is not until when things got a little bit more complicated and more complicated things such as emotions and cognitions started to play a part in how people position themselves. The truth is, no one can truly fathom what their relationships mean because over time relationships fade and strengthen due to a myriad of variables. Each object is subjected to the manipulation of multiple variables thus to account for and understand every object and how they can potentially influence you over time is impossible. 
What is truer and triter than anything is the fact that we are a product of biology and evolution (depending on your beliefs) and that in itself exists in a vacuum. Very little argument can be made about the animalism in every human. In the end, we can only hope to measure ourselves, albeit incompletely, based on instincts. 

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