Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guy's Eyes

Yay for exam being over and scoring an A- for the class!!!
The wedding yesterday was spectacular! The bride and groom were the happiest and even though it was a little chilly for an August day, people had no problem staying warm and excited while dancing. Thank you Tila and Nels, I wish you two a life-time of happiness!

As promised, I have uploaded pictures of my ensemble for your viewing and you should all be happy to know that I purchased every single piece from second-hand stores. I apologize for the lack of light I had when I took those picture, but I couldn't take any picture of my dress before the wedding for I was really pressed for time, some of them were taken at night, after I got home.

I was going for the traditional 20's ceremonial hair-do but was way too lazy and "two-handed" to do finger waves so I had to do pin curls instead and modify the shapes in front to imitate the effects of finger waves.

I wore my favorite white cardigan over my dress the whole wedding because it was freezing cold!

The dress revealed! As you can tell, it's not the most obvious 20's dress because it doesn't have the defining drop-waist. However the Athenian tunic/boxyness look was popularized in the late 20's and with the pleats and the drapings allowing for more movement and creating an appearance of freedom, this dress is very characteristic of what women wore in the 1920's.

These shoes were so comfortable I want to wear them everyday. I have freakishly small feet (sz.5) so found them in the children's section. They look like flower-girl shoes.

Here's the not-so-20's purse I put together with my look. I tried to find an embroidery, clam-shell shaped purse at second hand stores but failed to do so, so I substituted for one I already had. I guess It looked 20's enough with the rest of the outfit.


S. Mimi C. said...

Gasp, love it! stumbled over here from isabel's blog. your hairstyle is gorge! you did it yourself?! i can't even braid my hair = ='

I have freakishly small feet too haha. 5 and a half. it's terrible finding shoe sizes. 5 is too small, 6 is too big.

I kinda love you! will be catching up with all your posts.

Isabel said...

This is totally awesome! Drop waist or not, the dress looks very 20s to me. Beautiful!

I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo, and would most likely do a grad degree in a smililar vein. UBC has a really awesome-looking RMES (Resource Management & Environmental Studies) grad program!