Monday, July 26, 2010

Ramblin' Man

First and foremost, I just want to give a shout out to Carlla Riana from .blossom boo. for giving me an award for the Hottest Female Blogger. Thank you so much Carlla for your love.
I tried writing a song today and as usual, I hated it. Besides learning how to tune my guitar to an open E key, I really didn't do much today. Gaaahhhh!!! I'm in such a weird head-space right now and I don't even do drugs.
My affliction is mainly the fact that my fierce job application attempts have not been responded with much anything...seriously, I haven't heard a word from any of the places I've sent resumes to. What is going on? Isn't it ironic the quality of my current life seems to be completely dictated by whether or not I find a job while it wasn't even two months ago that I ranted just how much that sucks? I think I may have cursed my own career fate.
On a lighter note, my blog apparently is good enough to be reviewed. It seems just like yesterday when I didn't even know what a blog is and now I'm not only going to receive a review on Be In Style I'm also invited to be a guest blogger. I guess I am doing something right, at least with this.
I'm heading to St.Louis Missouri for a friend's wedding at the end of the week so I'll be gone until next Monday. When I get back, there's going to be lots of pictures including one of the dress I've made for the wedding, so stay tuned.


Marlena said...

Congrats on getting the award and guest blogger gig! I'm sure you'll bring some interesting topics to the site.

Oh and I remember you asked me to link you to a romper tutorial, I finally found one! Here it is:

I hope it's not too late T.T
I saw the romper you made out of that awesome tie dyed dress of yours in the previous post and I looove it! <3 I think I'm gonna have to get some tie dye material and make one for myself.

Belle xx said...

i like your whole outfit
especially the sandals!
have a good time at the wedding xxx

♥ M i m i said...

awww don't worry xu!

you will get a call. think positive. the ppl at those places might just be taking their time.

and congrats on the review/guest-blogger invite!

re:your comment, yeah i don't think i'll be "hanging out" with him again. we're too different. 1) i have standards. 2) i'm not easy.

jeez guys suckkk

thanks for always leaving a nice comment and following up with all my endless rants.

i'm always here to listen to what YOU say too! i always love your posts whether they be criticisms of social conventions or reviews of bands, people, things, or awesome DIY outfits

ps. i'm glad you don't do drugs. (; haha
i think it's just the heat. it's been super hot lately and i can't think either. takes me about 10 seconds to think up adjectives other than "awesome" or "cool". =___= hmmmm....... amazing? rad? superawesome?

good luck on your song writing!

Angelica said...

That sucks ass! I don't know if it would make you feel better or worse if I said that tons of recent graduates are in the exact same situation as you...but there you have it. It's really not your fault at all, it's just that everyone's afraid to hire. Stupid economy.

Maybe if you follow up persistently they will be more likely to hire you because they will see that you're really driven and interested in working for them rather than just working for anyone. Or maybe if financially possible you could ask if they have any unpaid positions and then work there for a few months and do such a good job that they decide to hire you for pay.


it's okay cos i just got myself destined to be out of my job in the next two weeks too. i'm not right for my company and they don't see me as fit either. it's a bit mindblowing, but you might have seen me ranting about my day job for some time now. so i feel glad to be free again from routine work. i plan to work on clothes full-time now and see how it goes. and i would love to see your work that's about to come!

it's funny in a way cos i feel like breaking you the news about me quitting my job and we don't even know each other in person! i was thinkin at some points like okay i'll write to Xu Box and tell her about my future unemployment. haha, what a cyber relationship. anyways, i guess somehow i just feel really related to your post cos it has reflected my inner self too. so thanks for staying true to what you write!