Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis

Three plane rides, numerous car trips and sixteen hours later I finally made it home from St. Louis, Missouri. The four day trip consisted of copious amount of drinking, dancing and stewing in above 30 degree heat and humidity; so all in all a good time. In the midst of partying like there's no tomorrow I realize just how lucky I am to have been surrounded by awesome people so for the first time in a long time I truly my time being away from home.
Here's something you don't know about me, I am an incredibly shy person upon first encounter and sometimes I come off as being even a little stand-offish. Thus I've always been awkward in social situations when crowds of strangers and semi-strangers are involved. However, this time it was different, I felt at ease in the company of others. This new found sensation was foreign at first then I slowly realized that maybe this is merely a sign of growing up and being able to let go of old habits. This is the dress I made for my friend's wedding I attended in St. Louis. The top is made from scratch from lace and the bottom was a trifted skirt I had recently purchased in Seattle. I meant to take some pictures of me wearing it at the wedding but like I said, there was a lot of drinking.

Looks, it's a tornado! Actually, I'm not sure what it was. My friends said it was just a plume of smoke coming out of that factory, but I say it's some sort of mist pillar. But I really just wanted to take a picture of the Mississippi river.
When I got home yesterday, I was treated with a pleasant e-mail which informed me that my blog review is up and I was also awarded the Featured Blogger badge.


Isabel said...

Yay for crop tops! And the dress you made is RADICAL.

Angelica said...

You sound just like me in terms of the whole shyness thing...I'm really open with the people I'm close to but really shy around people who I don't know well. Congratulations on not being shy though! (that's kind of a weird phrase to use but whatever)

Also that is an AWESOME dress. Especially to wear to a wedding, since it's not what you'd expect someone to wear but it still works.

♥ M i m i said...

wow you're getting really good with the needle and thread there :D

i'm glad you had fun.
and that you're feeling more at ease socially
you're a super cool person
so i wouldn't be surprised if you turn out to be a social butterfly in maybe half a year's time hehe

i think i'm actually becoming MORE shy as i grow older D: before, i never used to think about what i say before i say it, or how i act around others. now i do think about it, and constrict myself a bit more


that looks like a tornado to meee. haha. but i've never seen one so.

i read the review! awesomeness. you're goin' places, xu :D

Mon Cheri said...

I adore that cropped top.
and congrats on the featured badge <3



hey very nice lace dress. we've been head over heels with the feminine touch of lace too. you might have seen that now in our idreamtofeel collection!



Marlena said...

Ahh, I can relate! Most people I encounter think I'm a stuck-up snob just because I'm really shy and quiet. I'm trying hard to break the habit >.<

Your outfit is too freakin' cute!
I love the cropped top.

And you did an ace job on that dress!
I love the contrast of the solid and lacy fabric ^.^