Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science

Today was my first shift at my temporary, part-time position at White Spot. You see, after months of irresponsible visa card usage I was pretty much forced into this. And after five minute into my shift it all suddenly came back to me; I hate restaurant jobs. I can deal with the hectic environment, the people, the terrible, terrible uniforms, the shitty food and even the fact that I had worked in restaurants all throughout high school and university and have quit time and time again only now to come back to another one after my graduation. That is all fine to me, I am not so stuck up that I can't swallow my pride for the sake of survival. But the the I cannot stand is the way these business are run and staffs are treated. Perhaps not all of my new co-workers know that I have had extensive food and service experiences but the way they treated me as the "first-timer" today was nothing short of how someone would treat another if that person was mentally handicapped. Every command was said with so much unnecessary emphasis and condescendingly superfluous repetition that made every single mundane task seem like verbal instructions for how to deal with something as important as dismantling a doomsday weapon. I really don't know how much I can continue working there if I expect to save any shred of dignity and self-respect. The only thought that's preventing to immediately marching in and quitting is the thought of these shoes:

My ideal part-time job right now would be to work at American Apparel but none of the Vancouver locations are hiring at this moment. Which means, I would have to stick with what I've got going on currently until my head explodes.
I love wearing hats when my hair is short. Totally hipster!


Belle xx said...

ive never worked in a restruant or anything before, but i reckon retail is almost as bad!
i do hope it gets better for you lovely
your outfit does look super pretty though
belle xxxx

cervantes said...

Anything associated with food-service pretty much sux. I was a busboy back in high school and it was a living hell...The Visa overlord has no mercy and will turn you into a consumer!


try to look at a brighter side of it. you'll feel much better.



Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

"I want those shoes. I want those shoes. Lalala." Please imagine that in a song form. Now please memorize it. Now please sing it whenever you are at your new job.


(But really - I hope your job gets increasingly better...)

And you look great - love the masculine feel of the outfit. The fedora is so so fierce!

Isabel said...

I am quitting my job at AA! My last day is Sept. 12th. If you want, I can get you the shoes half price and I can mail them to you and you can pay me via Paypal.

CDG said...

I NEED shoes like this. Oh man, I'm going to have to get a job as well. American Apparel would be a great place to work. (Discount clothes. duh) But i'll most likely be stuck at mcdonalds. Hope your job is better than that.
I love the short hair. And the vest is fantastic.

!♥ m i m i said...

Oh no Xu

You've joined the dark forces D:

I completely understand your frustration. Have you talked to your coworkers? Make sure they know that you know what you're doing. And that.. you're not handicapped = = Haha.

Anyway I'm sure you can find a few things you like while working at White Spot. Free food? No? Haha

I get free pizza :D Only reason I work. I really want to work somewhere else as well. Maybe not AA because I'm a bit intimidated by the ppl there and of all the controversial employment scandals or whatever.

I think AA would hire you. Srsly. You're really smart, you know fashion, you're hipster sometimes, and you're waaay more confident in yourself than most ppl - including me :S

I love your hipster outfit btw hehe

I still need a pair of broques D: I went to VV today and TOTALLY forgot to check out shoes. I was rushed for time cuz my mom was pissed off that I went downtown without telling her D:

God. I might have to make another trip tmr... Hope I don't get on the wrong bus again tho haha


vliin said...

swallowing your pride for the sake of survival... that's exactly what it is! funny to read this, I've been through the same last Friday (but nothing compares to yesterday's boutique experience though)

vliin said...

("it's nothing compared to" I meant, obviously :D)