Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Pictures are Worth Two Thousand Words

Instead of ranting today, I want to make this post more outfit-focused because frankly I think I've ran out of things to say (apparently, it is possible).

On the surface, these outfits are seemingly very different in style, at least to me. While the first one is more mod the second one is totally grunge. However, when inspected closely, they both contain more or less the same elements. They both feature a dress of some sort and a secondary coverage; be it a denim dress shirt or a printed cardigan. There's even similarity in the details such as accessories, shoes and leggings. However, despite all that, they're nevertheless of very different aesthetics. Which brings me to the my quote of the day: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". And from this quote we can yield a fashion-related lesson which is to always be creative and mix and match your pieces, because everything has the potential to become a part of a few entirely different outfits.


Belle xx said...

i love that your style differs so much!
im exactly the same!
the tied shirt is fab
belle xxx

jewel said...

you look brilliant. and i suppose you're right :) i shall take that quote with me!
x x x


no matter how much i seem to enjoy going through beautiful pieces and fashion editorials, i am still a sloppy type when it comes to getting dressed. i hate the fact that we have to dress just to impress. whenever fashion gets to you that way, it typically sucks the person out of you. i never want that, and will never let it happen with me.



Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

FANTASTIC LOOKS. And I like your blurb below. I guess that even if one's style is super versatile and always changing, there's always elements that transitions between all their looks? Or something..

CDG said...

the second one is my fave (I'm a sucker for grunge type florals) but completely love both looks. I think that if you mix and match pieces from totally different styles, it kind of blurs the line between all of the styles and just works together as one.
Thanks for the comment. Glad to know there are more outcasts out there who get it haha.

Marlena said...

Right on with the mixing & matching! I love it when people are super versatile with their wardrobes and don't try pigeonholing themselves into one particular style.

Love both outfits,btw.
I'm coveting a denim shirt now because of you!

celita said...

I love both styles, I love the color of the first and the second is really very cool, I definitely need some boots like that, it looks great with dresses!!

rainbow cloud said...

i love ur style!!!u really know how to mix and match:D