Friday, September 10, 2010

Seasons Change and So Did I

I spent eight hours in front of a computer yesterday doing grant writing and have never been so terrified of the act of typing after I was finished. So today, instead of brainstorming something to rant about and posting it, I'm afraid I'm going to have to present you all another picture show. It's actually not all that bad because as I was going through my outfit pictures today, I discovered a few photos I have yet to post. So, they are posted here to achieve three major purposes: 1) they're fun to look at; 2) they serve as reminders of the passing of time and change of seasons 3) when analyzed on a deeper level, they are symbols and visual indications of the cyclical nature of things.

I wore this outfit in the middle of June when it was 27 degree (Celsius) out. It was primarily inspired by the cover of Gulag Orkestar by one of my favorite bands, Beirut.

The polka-dot top used to be an awkward length, so did to it what I do to most tops; crop it! I wore this during one of the dog days nearing the end of July, and it was still too damn hot.

This is a recent outfit I wore to my first day of work. It kept me warm in the morning but by the afternoon, shirt-sweater combo seemed like an overkill. Regardless, the days are getting cooler by the minute and I'm starting to regret not getting the most of summer when I had the chance.


jewel said...

i definitely understand what you mean about not making the most out of summer. i have these killer red shorts that i can't even wear to sixth form because they don't let you show your knees :'''( but you look gorgeous!
x x x


you know what? not only the artwork of beirut's cover is dreamy and awesome, but i also adore their haunting sound of music too.

anyways, thanks for reminding us on the links. we have already added yours cos we don't mind to catch up with every blog, no matter how "prominent" it is in the blogosphere. i believe every blogger has what to say on his/her mind and i always enjoy reading every blog, including yours especially. you've got an interesting perspective and i'm sure you'll be heard. good luck, we love your blog.



Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AW, you're always a fabulous dose of adorableness and awesomeness!

Polka dots for the adorableness.
You for the awesomeness.


P.S. Yellow looks so good on you - yellow's one of my favourite colours to wear!
PPS Of course I'll link yoU!

!♥ m i m i said...

You know what, I've never realized you had a tattoo on below your neck -- shame on me =.= Did you blog about this? I think somebody blogged about getting a tattoo a while ago... Can't remember who.

Anyway, what does it say? :3

OH I love the romper. I've never heard Beirut but I'll go check them out right now on Youtube.

Also, yup, if a shirt is an awkward length, I make plans to crop it. However... I'm really lazy, and I don't own a sewing machine, so sewing by hand takes a loooong time, so I most likely just leave the said shirt in the corner of my closet and tell myself I'll crop it later >.<

Oh btw are those glasses real or fake? Do you wear contacts?
I sometimes wear contacts but wear fake glasses overtop haha.

You're right -- we should get together sometime! Like Blogger Meetup or something!!! Hey! I might go to UBC next year so, who knows, I might even bump into you around the Vancouver area! I'd totally love to hear your band play too hehe.
I'm pretty swamped this year tho... I live in Langley too, so I'm really BARELY a Vancouverite. More like a Fraser Valleyian. Sigh.

Belle xx said...

i could never ever pull off yellow, how do you make it look so good!
all of these outfits are lovely, i really really like the first look though, especially the headscarf! xxx

hiven said...


Angelica said...

I love your polka dot crop top! I saw someone wearing a polka dot crop top at my school today and it made me smile. I totally agree with you about summer...I actually feel like I did get the most out of mine but I miss it so much anyway.

CDG said...

As soon as I saw that first picture I seriously freaked. Beirut is amazing and this look is so much like the cover. I love it!
The crop top/shorts combo has definitely been one of my fave summer looks and you pull it off great. And I kind of am really jealous of the fact that you can wear yellow so well. I am more jealous of the fact that the weather seems to be cooling down everywhere except for my little town which is still blazing hot.