Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everything I Learned, I Learned It From T.V.

Actually, that's not entirely true because I really don't watch a ton of television. But when I do catch a program that tickles my fancy, I can get real absorbed into the "boob tube". Like today, when I wasn't expecting much quality programing at four o'clock in the afternoon, I watched a charming little documentary on the historical and social evolution of dogs. According to the show, the modern day dog breeds have grew from the original forty variety to over four hundred, due to pedigree breeding. And some dogs are so selectively bred for certain desired physical characteristics, they are unable to adapt to the environment and live a normal and healthy lifespan (ie. bulldogs). So in the end, what we've ended up with are these genetic abominations who are unable to go about their "dog ways" because they are pretty much canine Frankensteins who's fates are completely in the hands of their owners. To give you an idea on just how much dogs have transformed (unnaturally) over the centuries, next time you see a bulldog try and any shred of resemblance to its ancestor, the wolf.

An ending note: we ought to let dogs be dogs.


Isabel said...

The scarf looks so cozy!! Amazin'.

QueenDesi said...

quirky and chic!!!!
love it girl :))

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Emily and Abigail said...

lusting this chunky scarf!! Beautiful color.

Isabel said...

Also, this has your name (aka shoe size) written ALL OVER IT:

CDG said...

Haha "Canine Frankensteins" made me laugh way too loud. Well, I'm happy that I can say I learned something new today. Love the scarf and DM's!


you know, i haven't watched TV for more than half a year now. i can't tell you why, but it might be because i'm such an internet freak these days. amazing how our lifestyles have changed to relying most of our time in front of the computer screen. i guess i just like the fact that internet can get people to respond both ways, which is better than a tv that only speaks up to you one-sided.

oh and i guess i have already been allowed to be a dog. it's my own permission actually.



jewel said...

i love love love the circle scarf :) i desperately need one for winter!
x x x