Monday, September 6, 2010

Self-Loathing Love Song

Exciting news! Our wannabe band recorded our first live three-song demo today! So now we can finally start working towards establishing a myspace page.
So, I have no idea how this happened. But I have recently went from having little to do, to all of a sudden having potentially four jobs! I think part of it was because I was looking for jobs/opportunities here and there and just ended up with a handful of chunks that eventually added up. So now I am a full-time, unpaid intern at the Canadian Mental Health Association, a free lance staff writer for, a weekend hostess at White Spot and a potential substitute for the Westminster Children's After School Society. You may think that I'm crazy for taking on so much at the same time but I assure you, having a busy life is actually quite exciting to me, until I eventually burn out of course. So even though my responsibilities leave me with little room for a social life, I'm pretty trilled about being productive. Plus with so much to do and a better paying part-time job, I now have more than enough incentive to quit White Spot.

I'm not a huge fan of this photo of me. The shirt looks very bulgy and you can barely tell that I'm wearing shorts rather than a skirt. But I promise this outfit looks a lot better in real life. I was either vibing on my latest professional achievement or reminiscing about going to school when this outfit was put together.


vliin said...

and you know what, too? I think the concept of your blog is genius. a meaningful text each time and a quirky outfit to go with it, you (could) / (probably) gather two different audiences at the same time!

Luna said...

congrats on making a demo! let us know when your myspace is up, i';d love to hear your stuff! cute outfit btw

Morgan. said...

Aw I love this outfit, its so cute! The proportions are soo cute :)
I really like your blog, its v interesting to read :)

!♥ m i m i said...

Wow you're doing a LOT O__O

Do you get paid in any of the other jobs? If you're thinking of quitting White Spot, that is. Because you need some source of income lol :3

CONGRATS on your band recording! I can't wait to visit your myspace and hear your song :D

That photo doesn't look bad to me! I like your outfit a lot :D

Isabel said...

Being productive = good. Starting next week I will have a full time courseload, plus part time jobs at American Apparel and Alternatives Journal. PRODUCTIVITY FTW!

CDG said...

You are in a band! That is so...AWESOME (can't think of any other adjectives but I am indeed extremely impressed.) I am definitely looking forward to hearing your music someday.
And this outfit is so quirky and fun, love the shoes.
Oh and congrats on being able to quit that god awful job.


hey i'm excited for the journey ahead of you! keep us posted on the sounds, please!



Marlena said...

I'm glad to hear things are looking up for you! :)

And OMG you have a band?! That's so cool! You must post the demo somewhere, I wanna hear it!

Angelica said...

Hey congratulations on finding jobs! That is awesome, must be a huge weight off your mind. And I'm looking forward to hearing your music too.

kelsea said...

love this look, very american apparel-chic.
and please inform me if you make a myspace music page, i love hearing new stuff, especially work from fellow fashion bloggers.