Thursday, September 23, 2010

Front Woman

As a woman of this society and someone who is very aware of the gender issues we face on a daily basis, this past week had been a total emotional roller coaster ride. In addition to hearing about the recent atrocities involving the facebook photo postings of a gang rape of a 16 year old girl in Maple Ridge, I learned about the story of Teena Brandon on Monday after watching Boys Don't Cry. As if that was not enough, yesterday, I witnessed first hand an assault of a woman by a man in the back parking lot of my work. Though it is only Thursday, too soon to tell how I would feel for the rest of my life, I have a suspicion that this newly awakened anger and sadness towards the current trend of how women are treated will stay with me for a long time. The truth is, I have felt this way for a long time about all sorts of issues and social injustices, but the difference between reading and seeing first hand a violent act committed towards a woman is unimaginable; the latter experience makes the problem of gender violence a lot more immediate and urgent. Seeing how this is affecting me so much already, I choose not to go into the subject. But I want to raise awareness about it because it is all too real even though sometimes we forget because of how sheltered our lives can get sometimes with our daily routines.

I will end on a positive note by posting my band's first recording for you all to scrutinize. Actually, I'm quite proud of it because I think it sounds pretty good for the first take. Plus I didn't mess up once playing guitar and singing at the same time, even though you can't really hear me and our timing was off at various points throughout the song. Regardless, this is the first song we've ever wrote, so be kind. It's called "King Cats" and it's about ligers.

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Isabel said...

Umm, hear hear! I am sorry you had to witness that, it sounds fucking horrible. We shall fight together!

Sumo Dewan said...

cute blouse
nice colour

Mon Cheri said...

such a cute outfit <3
love your clutch bag

thanks for your lovely comment <3

Annie @ Wiloh said...

Such a pretty blouse!

agatheloff said...

You look great

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I think it's extremely messed up how these power-hungry men who think that they own the world still exist. It seems so archaic that women STILL haven't achieved equality to men.


On a side note, you look awesome.

Danielage said...

What's going on with the lack of discussion of the song fashion ladies? It's great and I can't wait for you guys to write (and record) some more.

QueenDesi said...

nobody can deny of the power of waman!!!
great post.
love ur blouse so cute,

tks for leave comment in my blog..really appreciate it :) feel free if u wanna follow my blog


in Love&Light
Queen D

vliin said...

good work the song! I really wanna hear more as soon as you have more recordings, and I'm curious to read the vocals too! keep up the good work! as far as the issue about women is concerned, I think that was even worse back in the Middle Ages, or in prehistoric times! or it has always been like that... most probably that... :s

Marlena said...

Looooved the song <3
you guys sound awesome! Can't wait to hear more from y'all! ;)

vliin said...

I reckon it was a short answer and not very much thought-through on the women issue. Of course we shouldn't just say to ourselves "it is like that"! And I do believe that eventually it will change for the better, that one day humanity is going to wake up, develop for the better and move on to a new level. Already there are small changes going on and people are becoming more aware of environmental problems, for example. However, we are more than a billion, so a general change of attitude, if ever that is going to take place, is still very far off. I can't help but wonder sometimes, though, isn't it the media's fault that makes us believe the situation has worsened? That was my only point, I think that back in the days there was as much, and maybe even more, violence going in on in this world as today. Which is not, of course, a reason to ignore the current situation. Again, that is only a short answer from my part on such a serious issue.
Thanks for your last comment, gives me ideas for a next writing! :)