Thursday, June 10, 2010

"You're not your job"

I've been unemployed for over a year now and have been living off my student loan ever since I left my previous job. Regardless of being constantly broke, being jobless had never really bothered me until recently. As I've mentioned in the past, I graduate at the end June and as that day draws near, I am slowly feeling the pressure of one day becoming completely idle. This discomfort, I think, originates not only from the fact that I am about to lose my identity as a student but also facing the inevitable reality that I am about to become a "contributing member of the society". And as far as I'm concerned (and many less than "pro-social" cultural theorists), the "society" is nothing more than a spectacle of false representations , consumerism and alienation. Perhaps the most scary part of it all is that the loss of my student identity (which I value so much over any other alter egos) is ultimately going to be filled in by another persona when I enter into the work force. So unless I truly enjoy my future job and feel like I am at least in some ways making the world a better place, my identity is going to be completely meaningless to me if I just settle for anything just so I can make ends meet. I guess that's why so many people are unhappy with their jobs because the pressure of the society and all the financial responsibilities make it nearly impossible to make time and seek out alternative opportunities they might be passionate about. And this not only dampens people's hopes , it also creates a vicious cycle because they slowly become detached with their desires which in turn causes detachment from their true potentials and further exacerbate the confusion and reluctance to seek improvement. I refuse to become full of contempt for my job and eventually my life because I truly and honestly believe that people's lives and their true selves shouldn't be defined by their jobs. Instead, what they do (in this case, it could be a job) should define their lives and reflect who they really are. As a part of the human race and all of its glory, I think the world is meant to be better than this and we have yet actualized ourselves. I say fuck the social norms and what society has to offer, we are better than this! I am better than this. So until I find a line of work where I can proudly say I was a part of, I'm not going to settle for just anything because that's what the society deems necessary. I'd much rather be poor and happy, than surviving and joyless.

You can really get a feel of just how poor I am with those holey tights. Kidding, I made those on purpose. Ironic much?

This is the best feline shirt ever because it has every single possible majors species on there AND they're on both front and back so you get double the "cat-action". Mreowwwwww...


Stephanie said...

I agree about the job thing, it sucks that so many people settle for jobs they're not really happy with....I'm nearing the end of my time as a student also and starting to get nervous about having a real job, so you're not alone.

Also, I like the ripped tights look :)

Angelica said...

oh and I forgot to say: I WANT THAT SHIRT.

Angelica said...

Hey thanks for linking me! I feel like there are tons of jobs that would give me fulfillment and purpose and feel like I'm doing something truly useful (like being a plumber!), but for me the thing is that I wouldn't want to do them for years on end. But in research it's different, it takes months to get results, you're working on one tiny part of a topic, and it's easy to get caught up in bureaucracy so a lot of times it feels just dumb. And academia does suck -- basically a bunch of dudes compensating for their lack of manliness by being passive-aggressive and one-upping each other. I even see that among students my age at school.

♥Mimi said...


is the bomb.

From the back, the tights are not holey at all. From the front, you look hobo chic which I must give you a gold star for. You have adapted to the decline of the economy and made it your own :D haha sorry for trying to be funny. i'm taking a break from writing my essays and i'm so tired.

what did you major in? i think i've read it somewhere on this blog before but i can't remember! brain function = none.

i think you're right. sometimes life just sticks us in a deadend job which we hate but if we quit we'll be brokeass and nobody wants to be a hobo. (we aim to be hobo CHIC, not hobo).

you can do it. break through. aim high. i don't wanna sound like a cheesy commercial but srsly. keep searching for opportunities and take all of them. slowly eliminate the opportunities as you go, don't decide you life right away.

meh what do i know, i'm still in high school. you're like world-traveled compared to me! :D

anyway, maybe you should get a part-time job first, but keep looking for something you want as your career.

love youuuu and your cats


c a r l l a said...

wow, i love u outfit, dear
it's soooooo cute

Isabel said...

Poor and happy is the way to live! I'm lucky that I've enjoyed just about every job I've had. Oh yeah, excluding McDonalds.

Trop Rouge said...

those are some sick tights!!

Marlena said...

Yay ripped tights and cats! I'm kinda in love with this outfit <3

pixelhazard said...

My job lets me express the science nerd in me but not my creative side. I can't really complain but give it a few more years :) love the back of that T and the front of your leggings



i am really among those who are not their jobs. at this moment where i am commenting your blog, i am sitting in a 4-squared partition in the office like a mouse trapped in a square hole. all i've been doing is going through the blogs, not working at all.

i know it's not right.



ramon said...

some of my friends just jump from couch to couch. meeting people across the nation, relying on the compassion of others to survive. he makes gas money by playing house shows and random bars. who says you have to be rich to be happy? you just need courage.