Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Bad Wolf

I went to see Toy Story 3 today and was absolutely blown away by how good it is. Seriously, considering how good the first two movies are, I thought the third one would just be another Disney "filler" movie (like Shrek 4) created strictly for the purpose to bamboozle money from hopeful nostalgic fans and over-indulgent parents. But the movie was awesome and was ever bit as charming as the original one. I don't often recommend Disney movies (or anything Disney for that matter) but this one is definitely worth watching.
In other news, I just wanted to share some of my D.I.Y. recording with you all because as I was going through my old posts I realize just how little I mention my love for music. I hope you enjoy my cheesy cover songs.I'm glad I finally figured out how to make this AA scarf look good on me.


Miss Woo said...

Lucky! I can't wait for Toy Story to hit the UK.

And your outfit for this post and the one before are really lovely, I like how you switches between boyish and elegant!

♥Mimi said...

i love your covers, lovelyy (: your voice sounds so sweet and clear. and they're not cheesy haha. did you ever take singing lessons? you have a wonderful voice!

love the outfit :D

i thought shrek 4 was a bit unnecessary as well = = ah well. maybe i'll go see toy story 3. i didn't see the second one tho! only the first. loved the first. :D i might just have a movie day this summer and watch the first 2 toy stories and then go to the theatre and watch the 3rd.

the DIY recordings sound so professional! are you playing the guitar as well as singing?

Isabel said...

Just listened to the covers, and you have such an incredibly beautiful voice! Wow.

Lottie said...

love it!

cristina said...

love the way you wear the scarf!! thank you forthe comment about my blog dear!!