Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A hard on don't mean you're in love

I'm going to keep this one short because I got to go back to studying.
I meant to post a link to my Behind Sapphire article in The Peak last week but kept forgetting to, so here it is. Consider this as today's blog post if you will since I'm not writing much. I hope you all like it.Super girlie-girl outfit, no glasses and with hair tied up. I don't even know myself anymore

My favorite necklace. Oh so granny.


♥Mimi said...

i love your variety of styles

you are a cool fothermucker.

reading the article right now!

♥Mimi said...

billie holiday and ella fitzgerald were their inspiration! wow i remember singing some of ms. fitzgerald's songs in vocal jazz. she's cool. but i wouldn't think an experimental band'd listen to jazz. well i'm a little naive.

and they're mormons. that's cool. i'm gonna go search up some of their songs.

i loved your piece, xu! :D

c a r l l a said...

lovee u'r outfit ;P
nice post!


Adi Ki said...

thankyou :3
and this is awesome. you make granny work. a lot of people have tried it but they do it half heartedly THIS IS HOW TIS DONE.

♥Mimi said...

i'd love to read more of your work if you wanna post :3

i don't know if i can actually keep writing the story cuz it's been so long that i've forgotten the tone and meaning of the whole story anyhow

but i'm glad you liked it! it means a lot haha

hopefully i'll begin writing something else. something better haha.

ps. the IB gr 11's don't have final exams until next year in May! the exams cover the entire 2 years of the program (aack diieeeee) so right now, we have like smaller exams to tide us over... there's just a lot of orals and presentations happening. a few tests. an internal assessment. blurghh hate those. i'm gonna die next year, but i'm gonna try to have fun still. like not become all antisocial and try to get out of the house once in a while. ;D

OH and any job prospects yet? good luck hunting!

Marlena said...

Granny grunge is definitely the way to go! You pull it off wonderfully! :D


hey it's not granny, it is cute!