Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Technology-1, Humans-0

Remember when people weren't completely helpless without technology? When everyone were still able to carry on with their days and accomplished tasks without things like iphones, the internet or even electricity for that matter? Sure, things were harder back then but I think the conveniences of the modern industrialized societies have made us completely helpless. And I, along with my one hundred and fifty or so classmates, experienced a perfect illustration of this utter confinement to our technological luxury when our exam was unfortunately (or fortunately for some) rescheduled to a later date due to a power outage on campus. But the final decision to cancel our exam for today wasn't just because we didn't have lights to write in (because the power actually came back on after 15 minutes of panic) but a series of other events necessary for an exam to carry out also came to a screeching halt when technology decided to crap out. Because the photocopier died during the duplication of the exam papers. And when the power came back temporarily our professor couldn't project the exam as a power point because he didn't bring a connector for his laptop. But at that point, it didn't matter anyway because we were going to be out of power again as the emergency message informed us. So for a good half hour everybody literally sat and waited for their fate as they watched our professor fumble around and made attempts to salvage the situation then have them nullified in the end when he learned that the power was going to go out once again. Thus the epic battle between man and technology was lost and as a spectator and a defeated, I have never felt so powerless (no pun intended).

Here I am, taking my electrical gadget for granted not realizing that I would soon have a new found perspective or even a slight disdain for all things powered by electricity.
All things considered, this skirt is tight as hell but totally worth the "gut numbness".


pixelhazard said...

woah layout change? I love that black stone wash skirt. I'm in skinny jeans just like it.

Also, if i leave my phone at home, i am so confused all day long. It's tragic

Angelica said...

It really saddens me sometimes how dependent people are on technology nowadays. Especially The Kids These Days who basically have their fingers glued to their phones texting ALL the time, like the machines are controlling THEM instead of the other way around. Sometimes I wish we could just go back to a simpler life revolving on actual social interaction instead of virtual interaction. (haha look at me being all hypocritical typing this out on the internet)

I love that outfit! You wouldn't look out of place at ABC No Rio. Bandanna-headbands rule.

ramon said...

technology has become a part of the "developed" society's identity. without it, some people seem to feel so discontent with themselves. it consumes many into a hopeless cycle of envy and anxiety. its as if we have enslaved ourselves in an attempt to live more comfortably-to focus on desires, not needs. it has slowly changed our societies into naive and apathetic wastes of space. generally speaking, ofcourse.


now i feel sorry that i had ditched a smokey high-waisted jean skirt away. very cool outfit!



Marlena said...

Love this outfit!
That skirt is perfect *.*

♥Mimi said...

heyyyyy love the new layout and header! completely rad

hahaha i know. it's sad that we humans can't do anything without technology anymore. whenever the TV breaks, i actually cry. I do. my life feels utterly empty without television. same with computer. :S

your outfit rocks. i swear, you have the most amazing ability to mix and match and look cool. love the shoes (: i want a pairrrr

heyyy i gave you an award! cuz you inspire me :D

★ Nina Saiful said...

This is such a great post!! Cool blog and rad outfit :D

Classique chérie

c a r l l a said...

oh, dear. i like your prevention a matter of electricity or gadgets. i agree
we do not know what to do without it all, and certainly would be the ancient people. i think also, i love what you wear when in this picture. very beautiful.

oh yeah, i think to follow your blog
please follow my blog as well, yeah.


Lola said...

I love this outfit, so much more than i logically should.