Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Look

I've been keeping myself prisoner at home studying for my last midterm ever so I decided to change my blog layout today in an effort to fight the boredom and feelings of isolation. The color palette is a little too "soft and creamy" for my liking but I wanted the change to be completely different from my last one. Plus, I had to color co-ordinate according to my banner picture which I took and edited all by myself.

I wore this outfit last week so the fact that my outfit matches my blog colors perfectly is a total freak coincident. Perhaps it is the result of an unconscious priming effect? Regardless, I think this is extremely appropriate for welcoming the change though

This purse is way too small for its own good but damn it looks good.

I am in love with these old-lady sandals. They jumped right out at me when I was browsing through the "summer shoes" section at the thrift store.


Stephanie said...

Cute purse, even if it doesn't hold much!

♥Mimi said...

love the whole look! oldlady sandals rock :D

Emily and Abigail said...

lusting that purse!