Thursday, May 20, 2010


One of my favorite things to do is writing, especially if it's about something I love. Tomorrow, I will be conducting an interview with a local band called Behind Sapphire and will being writing a profile piece for my university news paper: The Peak. I've done interviews in the past with bands, a few of which are actually quite renowned in the Canadian indie scene (ie. Mother Mother, and Ohbijou), but none of them will be as quite intimate and exciting as the interview I will be conducting tomorrow. That is because I have had a somewhat of a personal history with the band as I went to high school with all of the members and was good friends with the front man for quite some time. I guess this can be both good and bad because I now have the upper hand of writing from a more personal level however, this may also skew my objectivity. As I realized this it occurred that when it comes to journalism, nothing is without bias and stringently neutral. And I think that is what makes writing enjoyable for me. Not to say that I think neutrality is obsolete or that I advocate one-sided writing. But "art journalism" is subjective because art itself is subjective thus the pursuit for objectivity in art is really a futile endeavor. So for all you self-critical writers out there who are too shy to share their creative works with the rest of the world, I encourage you to indulge yourself and us with whatever you feel like writing. After all, I believe our opinions are completely worthless if they can't be fired-up by our passionate words.
This is one of my favorite possessions right now. It really is just a glorified doyle, in shirt form. But the details on this thing is totally bad-ass. I mean, just look at the patterns and the pearl embroideries.


Isabel said...

Oh, this will surely be an excellent interview! Can't wait to read it.

♥Mimi said...

oooh behind sapphire sounds good. love their sound. will be stalking them via google.

hope the interview went well!

i love your shirt! (:


their sound is rad. i'm looking forward to reading the interview!



pixelhazard said...

I like young doyle-esque clothes but they result in my boyfriend teasing me :P