Thursday, May 13, 2010

Copy Cat

I am taking only one class (the last class, in fact) this semester and today was my first day of the last semester of school. After my exam on June 22nd I will be saying goodbye to the fine institution of which I've been a part of for the past five years. Come to think of it, I don't think I can't handle not being a student anymore. However, I am looking forward to beginning my life in the "real world" whatever that is. The class I've enrolled in entails extensive discussions and scientific researches on the mechanisms and purposes of biological rhythms. To those who has never heard of the term before, you can conceptualize it as sets of behaviors and responses according to an "internal clock". Like our sleep-wake cycle; we tend to feel sleepy or wake up around the same time daily. As the professor was imparting his never-ending wisdom about biological rhythms and lab rat studies concerning hormonal secretions, a thought suddenly occurred to me. Which is that is that all living beings on earth simply cannot function without an intrinsic rhythm. And that rhythm although exists independent of the "socially constructed" time itself, it is however cultivated throughout evolution and genetically programed according sets of stable, environmental cues. A "sense of time" thus essentially lives within all living creatures. Thus, time encompasses all living things here on earth and it is two-fold (intrinsic vs. extrinsic time) but interrelated. If there exists other life forms besides the ones we know on this planet, would they have "time"? And how would they respond to time and govern themselves according to it? Would they have biological rhythms like us (ie. if female aliens menstruated, would run on a course of a 28 days menstrual cycle?). Thus, is time necessary for the cyclical nature of life and existence?

The outfit I wore today was inspired by Alice Dellal. Whom has recently became my punk-rock fashion muse!

I got his book from Daniel for this past Christmas and hadn't got around to reading it until now. It is such an awesome read! As some of you may know, The Pixies is one of my all time favorite bands and the narrative is truly captivating. Even though it is a small book, but the material harbors some real substance. Definitely enough to satisfy your Pixie-hunger.


Trop Rouge said...

She is like Punk rock queen!

Danielage said...

Hey! I love the outfit and I love that you're finally reading the book. The 33-1/3 books are all really awesome (you should borrow some of the other ones I have) and that one in particular was very cool. I love how Black Francis is so nonchalent about certain elements of that record that fans/journalists have obsessed over... I don't know how far into it you are but David Lovering is even moreso. You pose a very interesting question in your opening paragraph that I... certainly don't have an answer for. All around good post!

Isabel said...

Gahh, psychology gets you into some pretty heavy stuff, huh? What is the book about exactly? I love the Pixies so it'd probably be right up my alley.

♥Mimi said...

love your outfit. those polka dot tights are great (:

i think time is different for different organisms. i think humans created 'time' to explain change, night and day, and to explain death -- that everything has an expiration date. i think plants and fish and birds have different 'time' than us humans. and it's true! nobody can function without some knowledge of passing time. otherwise, we'd spend 35 hours just staring at the wall and then not eat for another 45 hours and only sleep for 2 hours, and then we'd all be dead. O____o

haha... i need sleep.

this post was very though-provoking. my kind of post. :P

congrats on graduating, my dear! you've done it. life is awaiting you!


alice is definitely one sexy grunge chic. i mean really, she can do no wrong.



Stephanie said...

Lovin the vest outfit and the Alice comparison :)

Miss Woo said...

I think you are WAY more badass than Alice Dellal, who dresses cool but is a millionaire heiress 'punk' (dumb concept IMO).

and that part about Time being a social construct blows my mind, now I wanna watch Doctor Who, haha.

Shia-Shia said...

love this style coll punk rock on (^^)
following u now,pls follow back if u like