Monday, June 7, 2010

How Sweet It Is

This past weekend had been one of my busiest (fun-wise) ever. I attended a show every night since Friday and am feeling very musically inspired. So when I logged in this morning and saw that my dear fellow blogger Mimi from Soyconfessions had given me an award for being her muse, I felt even more inspirational! Thank you Mimi, I am very flattered by this and here are my answers to your questions

1) Why do you blog? For you, or for others?
To be honest, I had never really thought about blogging until two years ago when I stumbled upon Hipster Musings? and was very impressed by Isabel's blog. Ever since then, I started reading her blog religiously and started writing myself. I originally wanted my blog to reflect my new found passion in D.I.Y. and vintage fashion and I just wanted to share my looks with people on the web. However, as my blog gained more readership and I got more comfortable posting my writings for the world to see, I knew that my initial simple intent wasn't going to suffice in fulfilling my outspoken nature. So lately, my posts have been more personal and based on my interpretations and observations of various social phenomena and cultural quirks. So I guess you can say that I blog for both my readers; for I want to share my anecdotes with the world as well as myself; because I simply love to talk.

2) Do you like telling a story with words or pictures?
Hard to say, but I am partial to words. They say that "a picture is worth a thousand words" but I say that ten thousand words worth of writing can say way more than a picture, wouldn't you agree? I was actually quite the painter when I was a child, but as I aged and my imaginations stopped running wild, I'm finding it more and more easy to write and harder and harder to paint. Which kind of make me think that in order to be a good artist, you kind of need to be a man-child. But I still draw weird things once in a blue moon or so though my skills aren't what they used to be so I always find ways to work words or dialogues in there and make it into a illustrated cartoon. For example, I drew a picture for my boyfriend a while ago and in the picture, there is a boy holding his eye balls in his hands and presenting them to a girl who is looking longingly into his empty eye sockets. And on the bottom of the picture, it was the phrase "I only have eyes for you". Cheesy eh?

3) What is the meaning of life?
Wow,what a loaded question. But I'm going to have to say, cats. Because my life revolves around my cats. Everyday, I'm thinking about them and worrying about them. I'm sure when I'm laying on my death bed I'll still be thinking about whether they've been fed or if their litter had been cleaned. And yes, I do believe my cats will outlive me.

4) Cheese + Banana = ?
Earth-shatteringly catastrophic

5) Halloweenies. Discuss this word.
The word itself is very boring. Double "L" signifies denotes "loser"/"loner" and the double "E" are just annoying because it can remind one of the sound of mosquitoes. However, if you were to dissect this word semantically then it becomes something much more interesting. Because it could mean a variety of things. For example, a Halloweenie could very well be a beauty pageant for "unorthodox looking" children. They will judged based on how naturally frightening they are. It could also be a new subculture popular amongst tweens wherein a "halloweenie" is a person who enjoys wearing dark make-up and dark clothes because they want to dress how their souls feel. However, at the same time these folks also enjoy conglomerate and substance-less things like the Twilight movies (but not the books because they don't enjoy reading), hanging out at McDonalds and music by bands such as Mariana's Trench, Hedley and Three Days Grace. So I guess, the meaning isn't much better than the word itself.


Angelica said...

I worry so much about my cats too! And "Halloweenie" sounds like the name for a member of some Insane-Clown-Posse-like cult following.

★ Nina Saiful said...

haha Love how you answered the last question! And that shirt is loved! :D

Classique chérie


our inspiration to blog started around two years ago too. up to this day, i never ever regret doing it. it's a fun and cool experience.



pixelhazard said...

OMG i love your outfits, let's be friends to increase my wardrobe potential.

+ thanks for the warm wishes :)

Isabel said...

Eee, thanks for the mention you super awesome lady!!!

c a r l l a said...

wooahh, very cute ;P
i love it.

kisses, carlla

♥Mimi said...

1) LOVE THE OUTFIT. suspenders ftw.

2) hahahaha I LOL'd out loud as I read your answers and it's 1:40 am here ya know.
2a. I'm really glad you decided to start blogging. And even before you began to write more personal posts, I thought you were a pretty outspoken and super intelligent person. With really good fashion sense. I love how most of your clothes don't come from a boutique or designer because I can look at what you wear, and apply some of the styles to what I wear, without having to spend so much money on an outfit to get it right. And you always have a way to mix crazy band graphic tees with some cool pants/skirt and a pair of comfy shoes.
2b. I feel enlightened. Cats = meaning of life. I've never thought of it like that. :D (Hey have you ever read about the Rabbit's Dream in school or anything?)
2c. Good discussion of Halloweenies. You delved right into the significance and usage of such a word, and I think the naturally hideous children of the pageants are impressed by your knowledge. hahaha