Friday, June 25, 2010

Make Sex, Not Gender

I'd like to take the opportunity and devote some time to discuss the relationship of "Sex and the City" and feminism. But first, I would like to apologize for coming off as being cynical all the time seeing that how almost all of my posts had been criticisms of one thing or another. But I think my opinions are more than just pointless rants because I always try my hardest to establish an introspective conclusion within my writing. Therefore, if you would like to challenge any of my arguments, please do so. I welcome friendly debates.
Back to "Sex and the City". As a female, I have always enjoyed the show. I love the fashion, the "girl chats" and even the character relationship dynamics. However, as a feminist I've always felt somewhat conflicted for liking a show that pretty much perpetuates and glamorizes every single gender stereotype. I mean, this show made a lot of contemporary feminists lose their shit over arguing who's right. Because the themes and indications of gender stereotype in it was a little more complicated than just say, a blatantly sexist rap music video. Within the feminist realm, lots of women are against the show for its obvious sexist portrayal of contemporary single women. But some very progressive feminists think the show is empowering because it was not only relevant but also portrayed women as independent characters in control of their lives. I stand somewhere between those two extremes because what I've recently realized is that the show itself, as much as it is controversial, really isn't intentionally trying to endorse gender stereotypes. And for the longest time I thought it was precisely this unconscious mental set that has caused the biggest problem in this male-centered society. Because how can you get rid of acts of sexism when we're not even aware of committing it? I mean even the most feminist-minded, and self-aware woman sometimes can't clearly distinguish between what is empowering and what is oppressive. Most gender issues these days seem to always start out with people unknowingly making gender based assumptions and ending up offending someone. And I think I have come to realize that gender, is really a social construct and as long as we are cognitive beings who tend to rely on social constructs to understand the world, we are going to inadvertently harbor certain beliefs that are not necessarily true . So, it really boils down to simple "guilty, not guilty" question: can people really be held accountable for committing acts of sexism without an intent?

This outfit was so comfortable. It's a very prepubescent look but I was nostalgic for that stage of life where boys and girls didn't try to exaggerate their genders and sex was still somewhat ambiguous due to lack of secondary sexual characteristics.



don't worry. we salute your thoughts. it's cool being truthful.



Angelica said...

I've never actually watched the show, except for clips here and there, but I know a fair amount about the basic premises and it always seemed to me that it was kind of morally ambiguous. Like some of the characters want the whole "knight in shining armor coming to save them" thing, some of them don't, and there's not really a right and wrong about it, it's just what they want. I mean the fact that one of the characters dumped her longtime boyfriend because she "loves herself more than him" is a complete rejection of the "traditional" female gender role right? And it's not like she's seen as "bad" or immoral because she's promiscuous either. You can want a traditional lifestyle and a traditional female gender role and still be a feminist, if that's what makes you happy.

What would probably infuriate me more about Sex and the City is the materialism and selfishness. Upper East Side rich bitches are annoying enough in real life.

Also rants are good, keep them coming! I like a blog that makes me think.

♥Mimi said...

don't worry about being "cynical". i like reading your posts because it always gives me something different to think about. and that's good, considering i don't really think about anything while surfing the net or reading people's fashion blogs. it's good that you bring up stuff like this.

as much as i agree that sometimes we don't know we're committing acts of sexism, i also think that people can mistake acts of say kindness or compassion to be sexist acts. if a guy wants to help me carry my books, even though i don't think they're too heavy, but he insists, i will let him. he's just being nice. he's not saying i'm too weak to do it. maybe i'm just taking things too lightly. BUT i've never really encountered extreme sexism, and my guy friends even joke about stuff like that: "hey go make me a sandwich /laugh laugh snicker" (yeah they think they're really funny =____=) and i'll laugh with them. maybe i'm one of those people who aren't aware of sexism?! but anyway, i don't like making a big deal out of anything.

anywayyyy haha yeah mainland china woohoo! :D

I NEED MORE CROP TOPS hehe. they're really versatile actually. i'm surprised. haha

celita said...

cute denim romper!!

BV xxxxx said...

love love love your style
belle xx