Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you see? Do you see!!??

This past weekend Daniel and I took a day trip down to Seattle for two purposes: 1) to have dinner at the most amazing Italian restaurant ever called Bizarro and 2) to visit the Experience Music Museum. In general the exhibits were pretty cool but wasn't exceptionally great. I was, however, extremely trilled and impressed by the grunge and punk section.

Pillar of guitars. What a waste of perfectly playable instruments.

Ah, the elusive grunge aesthetic; ironically fashionable, kind of like the modern day hipster trend. Except that the latter thrives on being ironically and poorly dressed and that the former just really didn't give a shit about clothes. At least they say.

An epic shot of Mudhoney --- one of the leading pioneers of grunge

The Nirvana display... "fucking amazing" is all I have to say

Those are Kurt Cobain's guitar and Kris Novoselic's bass. It's hard to tell in this picture but both instruments are totally trashed from they playing like maniac's back in the day.

"We want revolution, GIRL STYLE NOW!!!!"
My second favorite part of the museum is all the displays of The Supremes stage costumes they wore back in the days. Just look at these dresses, they're ridiculously fabulous!

Sorry about the slide show post but I've just been so exhausted looking for a job I'm a little uninspired to write. But don't worry, once this is over I'll again be sharing my thoughts with you all.


Belle xx said...

wow it looks like you had a fab time
this looks dead interesting!
you look lovely too
belle xx

sarah said...

Wow to The Supremes clothing! I'm so happy that they are in a museum and not just discarded somewhere.


it looks like an interesting exhibition. i'm kind of feeling a bit grunge at the moment too.

good luck with the job search. please stay inspired. hold your head up high :)



Angelica said...

that looks like a pretty cool museum! haha, when I saw the "pillar of guitars" the first thing I thought was "they should get a bunch of people to stand on ladders and play them all simultaneously!"

Olympia/Seattle/etc. has so much FUCKING AMAZING music...and not even just the things everyone knows about like grunge and riot grrrl. I swear like 1/4 of the bands on my iPod are from that area, including my favorite band of all time (Unwound). There's gotta be something in the water!

Also I love your outfit. Kickin it oldskool!

Stephanie said...

I've always wanted to go to Seattle and this makes me want to even more!!

♥ M i m i said...

god that looks like fun