Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm A Damn Good Tailor But I Can't Mend Your Split Personality

It's difficult to blog frequently (or persist with anything on a regular basis for that matter) when you're preoccupied with something much more fun. Since I've been back from my trip, I brought with me a D.I.Y. fashion lover's godsend --- a sewing machine. So for the past weekend, while everyone was out and celebrating the heat wave in Vancouver, I've been partying with my 1970's sea-foam blue Imperial sewing machine.

Since my sewing skill isn't "dress-maker" level, I've just been practicing doing small very primitive alterations like sewing an elastic band casing and attaching that casing to a shirt to make it more cinched and dress-like. While that was fun and all but by the end of the weekend I really wanted to do something bigger so I searched for some D.I.Y sewing sites for inspirations and project ideas and found this. I was a little hesitant at first, but when I remembered that I had just the shirt to play around with, I figured I had nothing to lose thus I embarked on this daunting task and ended up with this:

Not bad for a newbie sewer eh?


Stephanie said...

I like the little ruffles on the front :) Nice work!

Belle xx said...

your outfit is beautiful!
that sewing machine is amazinggg
belle x

Marlena said...

Not bad at all!
I love the little ruffle detailing <3

♥ M i m i said...



i'm jealous.

it's so good :O you should make them and sell them on esty or something. i kinda want one. looks like one of those shirts from the asian-imported stores in metro. super cute!!!

you should wear it in your next outfit post.

also i like your outfit. very 70's.

thanks for the advice! i'm def trying to practice everyday but i get bored after like 5 minutes of strumming (cuz i don't know any songs yet.. i try to play a few songs but it's hard to switch from chord to chord so i give up).


have fun sewing! can't wait to see what you diy next.

Angelica said...

I like it! Being able to make your own clothes seems pretty great. I want to learn how sometime but I'd have to find a sewing machine. Every time I go to a fabric store I look at all the pretty fabrics and ribbons and stuff and I'm like "!!" and wish I could make stuff out of them.

Also the outfit you're wearing is kind of perfect.


it looks cute. who said you couldn't sew? you should try that more.

ps. we understand how it feels to be a frequent blogger. we so wanna do this for life and ditch the day job but we all need to fill our tummy here. we've got lots of plans to do with the blog though and hope we can get to manage them to reality soon. just do the best you can do out of the time you have now. it should be alright.