Sunday, September 13, 2009

home is never far away

Hello all, in case you didn't know I was just in China for three amazing weeks and it was one of the best times in my life. Having lived there until I was 12 really made this trip special because not only did I get to see my family, I also got to revisit some childhood places which brought back many fond memories of yesteryear. Let me just say that for the record, if any of you fashion lovers were to visit mainland China, Yunnan province is definitely worth a trip. Because not only are the cities beautiful but also the people of Kunming (capital of Yunnan, also the place of my birth) are definitely one of the most innovative and fashion-forward bunch when it comes to dressing themselves. While in Kunming, I scoped out the city for the trendiest shopping districts and found some pretty interesting Chinese hipsters hang outs. I went a little nuts with shopping and definitely went over my budget during my visit, but I picked up numerous gems, each around the average price of $15 Canadian so I guess it's all good in the end.

I gotta give credit to Isabel from Hipster Musings for this outfit because she totally inspired me to break out my polka dot shirt and wear it with pride. Thank you, Isabel!

These shoes are totally amazing and I bought them for $ 120 RMB (about $20 Can.)

I also got new two pairs of Enid-looking glasses over there; both for $ 100 Canadian...pretty fucking stoked.


Isabel said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out! I feel like that is pretty much the exact same polka dot shirt that I own. Mine is H&M via a thrift store, what about you?

Danielage said...

Hooray for cheap chinese wears! I especially loved the outfit you wore today (as depicted in the last picture). Meow.

Mimi said...

wowie (: sounds like a great trip with great finds! i wish i could go back to china too. haven't visited since i came to canada 10 years ago! i'm pretty sure none of my friends will remember me, having been 6 years old at the time.

polka polka dots. loooove.

Mimi said...

And for the music question you asked :D

I like to dig around for really good songs more than bands, but I'm really into the Stars, Coldplay (i know i know, they're not the best but some of their songs are good, kay?!), the Noisettes, and i was into Cobra Starship (YAY COLOURFUL TECHNO/PUNK MUSIC) and Sing it Loud last year. And of course the Beatles. I also listen to pop music, most likely because I'm attached to my radio and my favourite radio station doesn't have much variety. I listen to some Deerhoof songs, but they're really just too... um, indie for me. I don't understand most of what's in their lyrics but the ones i do understand, I love.

Dani said...

really great shoes!