Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sick, sick, sick

Had quite the "swine-flu-scare" this weekend, but it turned out to be just another stupid seasonal cold. Its it wrong that I sound almost disappointed by the fact that I don't have the swine flu. However, there is something that is worthy of a scare though; spending your fall without an awesome acid-wash denim jacket. I've got mine!

The circle scarf makes me look like I'm wearing a neck-brace but at least my neck will be warm and I'll cough less.

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Mimi said...

awwe. a lot of people are sick at my school. i don't wanna be sick so i try to avoid people at all costs. well, maybe not. (:

you look really cute! the jean jacket is awesome. versatile and comfy. i love your outfits. it seems like you can just throw on something and go, and it looks good.

sometimes i wish i had.. well, personal style. which you have. which i don't. :[