Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I don't care that it's only the end of October and that it will get much worse later but I would very much like to complain now! I went out to my back yard this morning for blog photo shoots and I saw frost... FROST --- the first sign of the coming of winter! Why was there frost? There should be no frost yet, the leaves are still in the middle of turning orange and most of them haven't even fallen yet. Therefore, I think the frost should just hold off for couple of more months ya know, wait til autumn is finished with its business of shedding all the plants then winter can be that much more bleak. On the plus side, along with my hatred for loudness, teenagers, and two consecutive posts complaining about the cold I have turned into a complete fuddy duddy. I should just quit society all together, get a rocking chair and start packratting.
On a totally separate note, I am conducing an interview with Mother Mother tomorrow for The Peak and I gotta say, I am quite nervous. I've been home from school for an hour and still haven't a clue about what I'm going to ask them. I think it's because I've grown weary of most music stuff lately and no longer feel inspired by simple chords and rhythms; as nice as they are. I just hope they'll be extremely difficult to interview, better yet throws a fit so I will actually have material to write about for my school news paper.

I'm obsessed with floural shirts, another indication of old age.

The sweater is going to be my best friend for the next six months.


Mimi said...

woo girl, i love your blog layout/colour changes. :3

good luck with your interview!

Isabel said...

I friggin' love that sweater! Warm cozy knits are the shit. I saw Mother Mother play earlier this year (March, I think?) and they wee also the shit.