Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Fix the Gash In Your Head

"Loud and obnoxious" would be the appropriate terms to describe A Place to Bury Strangers' sound and strangely and coincidentally enough, that is precisely the kind of music I love. So when APTBS came for a show two nights ago, Daniel and I attended had a great time in addition to losing a ton of hair cells. I'm in the midst of midterm battles and so far it's been an onslaught of one tricky multiple choice question after another. Luckily, next week will be my last midterm of the batch and it will be the most epic struggle yet, because it's for a class that has a bad rap for being impossibly difficult... yay...

My kitty Chloe decided to make a cameo for the picture. I apologize for her mooning the camera.

She really likes my skirt, which used to be a shirt

I love the floural paisely print on this fabric, it put me in such a good mood.
I just had to buy this buffalo shirt at the APTBS concert because I can never say no to clothes with animals on them.


Isabel said...

Yay, a new post! I love the whole "band shirts with pretty skirts" look a lot. I certainly don't rock it often enough. Good luck with your difficult midterm! I've only ever had to take two classes with multiple choice midterms/finals and I hate them so much.

Danielage said...

Awesome look sweetheart. "Loud" is definitely a fitting adjective when it comes to APTBS, man that was an awesome show.