Sunday, November 8, 2009

If You Want to Destroy My Sweater

I don't usually like make-over shows because they're extremely insulting and advocates conformity which is usually masked as poor attempts at "improving the lives of everyday normal people". Take the show "What Not to Wear" for example, I admit I watch that show sometimes because there is something intriguing about seeing the transformation, but the fact that every shred of personal eccentricity is obliterated by a full "fascist style cleansing" is just wrong and absolutist. On the other hand, the show "How to Look Good Naked" I think serves to empower women and instills confidence by demonstrating that all women can look great as long as she chooses the right outfit. In fact, It's more than just telling women what to wear because all women can relate to participants on the show and who doesn't love Gok Wan's colorful vocabulary?My new jacket makes a debut. Damn that thing's warm!

I think I have a disease and it's called "Knitwearsitis" and it's symptoms include delirium, fever and an over the top obsession with sweaters. The cause is still unknown however, some researches have shown that an individual's intense need for warmth, comfort and style may be a correlational factors for the ailment.


Isabel said...

Yes - these outfits are all excellent! Doc Martens suit you perfectly.

Knitwearitis is a pretty sweet disease to have. I'd rather have that than cancer. Or AIDS. Y'know what I mean? :)

Mimi said...

damn you ARE good at pychology. I didn't even know what correlation meant until I asked my psych teacher last week...

also, those sweaters look adorable! I was planning on stocking up with knitwear this winter, but got sidetracked by the crapload of hw... haven't been shopping at all this month D:

love your new jacket too :D comfy and cute.