Friday, November 13, 2009

Slicing up eyeballs, I want you to know

I went to see the Pixies yesterday, all the way down in Seattle and it was so surreal and magical that I'm still absorbing its impact of sheer magnificent awesomeness. It was somewhere between singing at the top of my lungs and screaming and jumping between songs that I realized just how brilliant their music is in all aspects and how it was probably the only time I will ever see them; which makes the experience all the more exciting and special.

Concert attire

My favorite pair of shoes.


Mimi said...

wow glad you had fun :3 of course, concerts are always a mess. a hot mess.

love your outfit!
i want those jeans O___o

kasmslo said...

aaagh this is great, you look amazing in everything.
i have some acid wash jeans too but i find them super hard to style. i really love how you paired them with neutrals, it works well.

Isabel said...

Ahhhh, you saw the Pixies!!! What you wrote pretty much describes my sentiments exactly about when I saw them in Toronto in August. Pure genius.

Oh, and I like your acid wash jeans so much better than mine!