Monday, April 2, 2012


I say Disney Land has outlived its usefulness and appeal to a person when that individual reaches his/her mid 20's. The happiest place on earth rings hollow to someone like me whose favourite place to be is her bedroom. Perhaps it's because the connotations of the bedroom allude to tranquility, safe haven, slumber and many other down-time themed concepts. To me, those things mean so much more than just having a place to rest, they are part of one's inner peace.

And what would a bedroom be if it didn't have a wicked closet...or two?

A matching dresser/bed set is always nice. If your furniture consists of mainly scraps and hand-me-downs, you can achieve having matching sets by applying the same coloured paint. This is what I did. Can you believe that dresser used to be a black filing cabinet?!

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yo mama said...

ohhh snappp i love the green and the furniturrreee. we need to see each others houses ASAP