Friday, November 28, 2008


It's 8:46 in the morning, on a rainny Friday, and my umbrella is broken...again.

I have no class today but I came to school anyway in an attempt to get some work done, namely my psych 363 paper. But let me tell ya, this was a foolish notion because around this time of day, an over-worked student's brain DOES NOT WORK!!! Instead, I find myself surfing random websites such and of course blogging, unconsciously putting off writing the damn thing. Now, I know some of you morning people may think 8:46 is hardly considered early and that I'm being a bit of a wiener for complaining, but I am a total night owl! I'm much more productive after dusk, and would much rather pull an all-nighter studying. Plus, I actually woke up at 6 A.M. along with my boyfriend, so he can lock the door because I have no key.

I haven't my camera present, but I've got a good outfit going on right now, so I will post pictures of my outfit "in situ", ergo me wearing them later. But for now, I've found pictures of the pieces via google image and ebay as "static" representatives (accesories not inluded!)...

My sweater is more "Bill Cosby" and thrifted and less argyle and form-fitting than this. I also have on a skinny belt and a black scarf.

Again, mine was thrifted, kneed length but less "mom-ish" more "mod". Under this I have on black leggings.

Thrifted thus more "scuffs and buffs", less "combat" more "victorian".

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Isabel said...

Your outfit sounds cool. I like the way you describe it and imagining how it looks like. But I think you should get a picture, too!