Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Procrastination Truly is an Art !

Foist and foremost, I'd like to wish one of my best friends, Dora a happy happy first day of being 25! You are more beautiful and wise than ever, I wish the best for your upcoming years...stay awesome!

Now for the not-so-celebrated-news, my first batch of finals are less than two days! Yet I am blogging and updating outfit pictures. I promised I'd take a picture of my purple skirt, diamond sweater ensemble once I set up my camera for "self-portrait". Well, I tend to always keep my words, so here it is...

I'm wearing a different pair of shoes for I had left my semi-combat boots at Dan's house, but I think these achieve the same effect?

Here is what I wore yesterday to Dora's birthday party and I gotta say, the hat was definitely the money maker. All I need is a tobacco pipe and a tweed jacket with elbow patches to complete the proverbial "professor look".

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Isabel said...

Those are beautiful outfits! I especially love that purple skirt.

P.S. I'm majoring in Environment and Resource Studies, minoring in Women's Studies and doing an Environmental Economics option. Thanks for asking. :)