Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outing with Mickey

Biopsych is no more! Just finished another grueling final yesterday, and as soon as I was finished I recycled all my notes. I swear, if I see or hear words like "action potential", "hormone receptor" or "hypothalamus" I'm going to lose my shit and blow my jaw off with two guns.

Today is the first day where I can exhale (exams are like bad need to hold your breath and power your way through them), and actually physically leave the house to do something leisurely I'd say it's about time because I was starting to turn purple and hallucinate from sensory deprivation. It's hazy and foggy out and I am going out downtown with Dan in a few and I am excited as ever...about both the mist and breaking out of my voluntary confinement.

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Isabel said...

That Mickey sweater rulezzzz! I like your style, its pretty unique and definitely not boring. The blogosphere needs more people like you!