Thursday, December 4, 2008

Totally Irrelevant

For some reason, I have this vivid image in my head of a young woman in a full-skirted trench coat wearing a cloche hat and with painted red lips, standing at a train station with tears in her eyes watching her husband drifting into the horizon with the train. Along with this image I have also a story that goes with it. They were married for merely three months, and the husband was shipped to France during World War II as a part of the mission of the Normandy Invasion. He of course, like so many others died during the battle and so he never returned to his wife back at home. The message of his death was lost along the way therefore never reached her, so she waited and waited...not knowing that he had died during the war, she spent her whole life waiting for him to come home.

I'm sure there are many tragic love stories out there like mine (though, it isn't much of a story as it is just a scenario resulting from the the random synaptic firings in my head), but as not a pessimist but a realist, these epic love tales are never truthful to real life. As much as I would like to believe in ever lasting love, the statistics on divorce rates in North America paints a picture so bleak, so that any ideal thus fragile notions would become frozen solid, brittle over time then eventually shattered and destroyed...this makes me a sad but an honest panda...
"Why would people vow to love each other forever, then part ways after only several years?" "If it's possible to fall out of love then why would people lie and promise eternity to one another?"...
If you think I am going to propose my theory or arrive at a conclusion on the beliefs of love over the years of experiences and many cases of trail and error then you think wrong, my friend. The truth is, though I have been studying the dynamics of human integrations and behaviors for the past four years, "love" like many other unmeasurable intangibles, can only be inferred, but not understood completely. Therefore, any attempt to solve or even to conceptualize the great mystery of "love' can only be deemed as mere route of possibilities, not definitive answers.

So, we're back to square one, "what is love?" (refrain from singing "baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more") Check out these outfits while you pounder about it...

I apologize if you can't see the details on my shirt, but it's a polka dot shirt (the dots are really tiny).Robin is totally the underdog, that's why I love him!

I had the white dress since I was 13...I'm pleasantly surprised that it still fits but regretfully saddened by my stunted growth.

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