Friday, December 5, 2008

1 Down and 3 More to Go

I just got home from completing my first exam and it sure feels liberating! I have one more tomorrow then I get a week to study for my remaining two, coming up next weekend.

Throughout the course, I have learned much about interpersonal relationships but found that the theories explaining the relationship phenomenons simply do not delve deep enough to account for the complexity of intimate interactions. For example, attachment theories are too broad, and a lot of the components do not take static factors such as personality into consideration --- perhaps the reason why a man is considered "insecure" in his attachment behaviors as an adult is because he was a very precocious boy. Thus in his case, his independent nature can be misattributed by some as him being distant and uninvolved.

I felt like crap today because I am stressed and breaking the fuck out (there are three zits on my face), so I decided to hide in my most fuzzy and comfortable "abstract art" sweater and I gotta say, giant, thrifted sweaters are the best!


Alison said...

giant sweaters cure all.
just saying.

Isabel said...

That sweater is excellent! You are really pretty and look a lot like my friend Cindy, who is this hip creative artist chick. :)