Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lipstick Feminism

In order to understand feminism, I believe one must start with the exploration of the concepts that defines femininity --- what it means to be a woman. For several weeks, I have been struggling with the concept of female sexuality and how that relates to being a feminist because modern feminists basically claim that when women enhances their sexuality to attract the attention of people, it is not objectifying, but empowering. Perhaps I am conservative in my views, but as a feminist, I find that notion to be extremely outlandish and somewhat contradictory. Because, that is indeed the case then prostitution would be considered an "empowering" occupation, because they are essentially selling their body or using sexuality to manipulate men into paying. Applying this concept to the philosophy or feminism I couldn't help but think of what Nietzsche once said about human's innate desire for the will to power. According to him, all people have an inborn strive for greatness thus any exploitative or "crooked" behavoir is seen as justifiable because we regard anything "healthy"or "powerful" as "good" (the master) and anything "poor" or "weak" as "bad" (slave).

This is an incomplete account on my pursuit for the understanding of feminism. Now some pictures!

I found this sensational argyle sweater at my local Salvation Army and I just love the front pockets!"Mom pants" alert!!!

Leaving you with a picture of a pin-up girl...slutty or empowered?

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Isabel said...

I like your mom pants! Ummm, I am doing a Women's Studies minor and eventually you come to terms with the fact that everyone has very different opinions about feminism and in general, and pretty much hates each other for it.