Monday, January 26, 2009

The Doctor is in the House

Happy new year to all the Chinese friends, It sure is awesome to be Chinese! Apart from splurging at the mall for the past couple of days, (I know, I disgust myself too but I made justly purchases) I have engaged in some creative activities, namely splatter-dying a couple of shirts.

As much as I love American Apparel I generally find their stuff to be just a tab bit pricey. While I do admit the quality and the production ethics are undebatable but in practice, a broke-ass student like me simply can't shop there on a regular basis. I recently visited AA and fell in love with their Space Scape T-shirts (especially the florescent green splatter one), but found the idea of paying $30 dollars for it to be somewhat absurd and frivolous.

The awesomeness of the shirt stayed with me well after I have left the shop and the desire soon turned into a flash of insight. I decided to make my own splatter shirts. On the way home, I purchased two colors of fabric dyes (purple and yellow) and a pack of basic T-shirts from Zellers and decided to kick it D.I.Y. style. Here is how they turned out:

They look like shirts that belong to someone who has just axe-murdered a bunch of purple plums, but I think they turned out fabulously.
To reward my success of saving money via D.I.Y. , I decided (actually, my father did) to make an investment purchase of a pair of very handsome Doc Martens ankle boots. I know in the past I have claimed to never buy new, leather products but the price and make of these babies are simply too irresistible to pass on. I bought them in a store that are currently having a clearance sale in the mall, the lady informed me that they (this particular store) are no longer going to carry Doc Martens because the production value is apparently way too high, hence the sale marking down from $130 to $ 77.50!

Though I was extremely uncomfortable buying new, leather shoes I felt like I have made the right economical decision, plus I can't brave the Burnaby mountain snow in normal boots, and on a grander scheme of things, I am still a very strict vegetarian and am never superfluous or excessive if I were to buy new that contains animals products (the Doc Martens actually are the only new and leather things I own).

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Isabel said...

That is an awesome DIY! Plus, I'm sure the Docs were worth it. :)