Thursday, January 21, 2010


I finally got my camera charger back from my friend who borrowed it over the holidays. I apologize for leaving my blog unattended for so long but after a month of hiatus but I'm finally back and have something fantastic to show y'all!
This semester began way too abruptly. Still dealing with my Christmas chocolate binge/dependency, I started class three weeks ago and decided that it was way too difficult to produce anything intelligent with so much sugar in my blood. The good news is that my hair is getting longer and I can actually do something with it such as tying it into a birdie tail (not big enough to be a ponytail yet) or like today, fashioning a vintage scarf into a hair shaper/accessory thingy; very Carmen Miranda, but extremely minimalistic and simple compare to her plethora of cranial-fruits, vegetables and flowers etc.

I look pubescent here if not completely pre and I don't know why. At least we get a good look at the head-scarf.


andrew said...

Gotta watch out for them 'betes. I almost killed myself with chocolates and candy this year.

p.s. don't you just look darling!

Mimi said...



looking good.