Monday, January 25, 2010

"what makes you think I eat cheese absentmindedly?"

I wore this to a metal documentary movie/show over the weekend. As soon as I got there I felt like a rabbit amongst starving wolves -- aggressive metal heads tend not to jive with geeky girls in animal sweaters. Thankfully, it was dark so no one threw things at me.


Isabel said...

What? Metalheads better learn to jive with cool cats in tiger sweaters, or I will beat them up.

Miss Woo said...

I think you jumper is kind of metal in an awesome Wayne's World way. If metalheads doesn't get it then they suck!

Mimi said...


but i'd rather be a rabbit than a starving wolf.
i thought metalheads /act/ tough but are actually sweet and gentle inside? .. maybe i've been watching too many romantic teen movies.

i'm glad no one threw things at you. xxx

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit!
I love the sweater and the hat.

SS said...

Probably the greatest jumper I have ever seen.